Katy Perry鈥檚 style may have evolved as much as her music, but she has always been true to herself. With that journey in mind, she created her newest fragrance, which launched on August 15.

INDI (from individual, duh) is all about highlighting every person鈥檚 originality (its motto is 鈥淒ifferent. Together.鈥). Perry picked a diverse group of five influencers as the faces of the campaign: Blake Von D, an attorney and blogger; Felicity Hayward, curve model and activist; Marilyn Rond贸n, artist; Ren Spriggs, a transgender model; and Brianna Lance, a creative director and DJ.

The scent is a combination of 11 musks that blend together (we鈥檙e sensing a metaphor here). 鈥淲ith INDI, I finally got to play with a bold musk scent. It鈥檚 a combination of feminine and masculine, and it鈥檚 sexy without being too in your face,鈥 Perry said in a press release about the fragrance.

Perry wants fans to wear the fragrance like a personality accessory. 鈥淚t鈥檚 about expressing your true self and enhancing the incredible individual you are,鈥 she said. The singer also wants to hear from YOU as well. On her site, you can share your own INDI story with the world.

INDI will be sold exclusively at Walgreens and Walgreens.com ($25-$45).

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(Photos via Coty)