If you’ve nabbed a ticket to see Katy Perry on her Prismatic world tour, you’re probably using the time between now and when the songstress lands in the US this summer to take care of important fangirl concert prep. Like DIY-ing that cat ear headband, devising the Spotify setlist of your (teenage) dreams and doing some serious guessing as to what the California Gurl could possibly wear while belting out her sugarcoated smash hits. Well Perry’s done you a solid, Katycats, by revealing sketches of her Prismatic looks on Instagram, and the costumes for the tour that kicks off today are just as rad as you’d think.

The looks span the colors of the rainbow, from hot pink to lime green to powder purple and back — some even in the same piece, like this Roberto Cavalli holographic dress glistening with prismatic crystals. We’re already waiting for the NastyGal knockoff.

We’d have a serious moment if Perry squeezes into this fuchsia leopard print catsuit, complete with sparkling ankle cuffs and a cat-eared cap for Roar.

Ready for body suit #2… or should we say, birthday suit? We bet Miley’s feeling serious FOMO at the sight of this number.

It seems the singer is done with tutu skirts and candy patterns for now. Instead she’ll be strutting around the Prismatic stage in bodycon silhouettes and wacky ‘90s prints, like this Moschino-designed mash-up of a smiley face bra, peace sign leggings and an inflatable yin yang skirt! WHAT!?

How can you top that? Give the fans what they want, of course! We had our fingers crossed for an epic Cleopatra-inspired ensemble, and it looks like our Dark Horse pulled through.

With the tour called Prismatic and all, we were expecting Katy Perry to be on her tip top technicolor game, and by the looks of it, we won’t be disappointed when we get to see the stunners IRL. Bring on the fashion fireworks!

(h/t Style Files)

How cool are Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour costumes? Which pieces can you not wait to see her in? Are you counting down to any other mega summer concerts? Tell us in the comments below.