Kelly Clarkson 鈥 who wowed us with her family Christmas card back in December 鈥 has recruited the cutest little partner to tease an upcoming project. Starring in her own Super Bowl-ish commercial, Kelly鈥檚 baby girl River Rose, wrapped in a plush robe in front of a mirror and surrounded by cosmetics, smiles for the camera and makes us all very curious about the 鈥#NewProject鈥 that the soon-to-be mom of two has in store.

Two days ago, Kelly posted a balloon-filled mini vid to her Instagram account, hinting at something special to look forward to and asking, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 magical, fun, and an escape for everyone?鈥

Coming soon鈥 #NewProject #Clue1

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The only other hint was the caption she included, 鈥淐oming soon鈥 #NewProject #Clue1鈥

New project? Clues? Balloons?! Oooooh!

Then another post popped up with clue #2.

Someone special is helping me with my #NewProject鈥 #Clue2

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鈥淪omeone special is helping me with my #NewProject鈥 #Clue2鈥

An empty entertainment industry chair embroidered with River Rose鈥檚 name in hot pink awaits the baby star. Get ready for your close-up, chubby cheeks!

Finally, the star made an appearance herself. No, not Kelly. Little River Rose made her diva debut. 鈥淲e couldn鈥檛 afford a @SuperBowl50 commercial, but here鈥檚 #Clue3. #NewProject #SuperBowl50 #SB50 #RiverRose,鈥 Kelly posted.

鈥淪he鈥檚 coming. The DIVA has arrived鈥︹ says the video. Listen closely 鈥 is little River Rose saying 鈥淥h yeah!鈥 when they call her a Diva?! Rock that little robe and your sassy little smile, tiny one!

What could this all mean? And how are we expected to handle all of the cuteness?!

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(h/t ET; photos via Kelly Clarkson/Instagram)