Next-level hair accessories require a lot of things: time to properly put them in, patience for when they don’t look *exactly* right and… Velcro? Yup, hairstylists have been looking to the household + crafting staple to put hair accessories in place and keep them there. It actually makes total sense, right?


If you kept up with New York Fashion Week, you know that incredible hair accessories were all over the place, and with that came the fear of them falling out of place (or gasp! off the model entirely) as they strutted down the runway. This simply wasn’t an option, so hairstylist/genius Matt Fugate stuck a tiny piece of Velcro — plastic hook side facing the hair, without using the softer loop side of Velcro — on the underside of the hair accessory. This added more texture and ultimately a better hold that ensured headbands, clips, pins and any other hair flair wasn’t in jeopardy of going anywhere.


Freshly washed or super fine hair makes it difficult for anything to “stick” — think about how it’s sometimes difficult for your hair to hold a curl after it’s just been washed. If you’re going to use a pretty clip or something of the like in your hair, but need it to have a little staying power, lean on this hack. Or, if don’t have Velcro on hand, use a little dry shampoo and/or tease your hair slightly where you want the clip to go to give it something to hold on to.

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(h/t Allure)