Washing your hair every day can actually do more harm than good to your locks, but it can be difficult to master the art of *not* washing your hair as frequently as you’d like to. We have news for you skeptics: It can be done! Yep, you can make it through an entire work week without lathering up if you think about it strategically. Yes, there is a day-by-day breakdown to not washing your hair while still having it look, smell and feel fresh. And just in case you’re thinking “ew,” it might make you feel better to know that celebs like Kim Kardashian West are on board. Here’s exactly how you can get away with it:

Day 1: Minimally Style Clean Hair


Start the week with clean hair. Skip products like styling creams, gels + sprays that could add grit and grime to your ‘do. Try to be as natural as possible on Day One and opt for styles that don’t require products, like overnight Beyoncé waves or these easy wet hair styles. If you feel like your strands need a *little* product, use one of our faves, TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick, because a teensy-tiny amount of the lightweight wax goes a longgg way (think, taming your baby hairs or mending your ends).

Day 2: Go Half Up, Half Down


The roots of your hair shouldn’t be super greasy yet, so think of the half-up, half-down approach as a fun way to break up the week in terms of your style. What we especially love about this style is its versatility — you can take this look in a number of directions. Want something elegant yet effortless? Try this French girl-inspired half-up tutorial that uses back combing to give your Day Two roots some extra oomph. Looking for something even more laid-back? Go ahead and throw your hair up into half top knot.

Day 3: Throw It Up into a Pony


By Day Three, you might be in full-on “I NEED to wash my hair ASAP!” mode. Don’t panic. Before you go to bed on Day Two, get a little cray with dry shampoo (don’t forget that you have a bunch of DIY options for this stuff). When you use dry shampoo at night, you can be more liberal with your application because it’ll have time to really sink in + work its magic overnight. Brush it out and then pull it up in a *non-basic* five-minute ponytail or, if you’re running really short on time, these one-minute styles. Never underestimate the possibilities + power of an updo (and we don’t mean the prom type) on hair of all lengths.

Day 4: Slip into a Sleek, Next-Level Braid


What to do with all this texturized, kinda oily hair of yours? Take advantage of this added sleekness with a perfectly messy fishtail braid, or really, any other plaited ‘do that masks those unwashed locks, like a super pretty, 10-minute crown braid.

Day 5: Top Knot It Up


Day Five — you made it through the week, and by now, you’re probably wanting to annihilate your shower cap. But this final ‘poo-free day might be the easiest to style! Simply wrap it up into a top knot. If your hair is feeling a little too greasy for comfort, add on a thick hair accessory to take the attention off of your stringy strands. Or to create more volume, use this new method that will leave that top knot as thick and messy-in-a-good-way as possible.

See? Totally doable! Now we challenge you to try this five-day no wash challenge!

Share your tips, tricks and results with us in the comments below.