Starting at $549, the Apple Watch may not be in everyone’s price range, and only the true Beyoncé-level elite can afford the $10K and up Apple Watch Edition, featuring 18-karat gold faces and buckles. But a Kickstarter project is looking to change that. It promises that for under $12o you’ll be able to trick your Apple Watch out and save serious dough in the process. The Midas Touch will give you the power of the gods and turn your steel timepiece to gold.


Midas Touch was created by Eric Knoll, who’s a technologist with a PhD in chemistry. The kit he created allows you to gold plate a steel watch (or iPhone, for that matter) in three steps. It’s easy because all three steps are essentially the same. You simply dip an applicator into the designated solution, apply to the steel surface of the watch and gently wipe off the remaining solution with a moist towel. For steps two and three, you are just using a different solution. The end result is a 24-karat-plated watch that didn’t cost you anywhere near $10k.


Knoll’s project has already blown away its $1,500 goal (and with it, the early bird pricing of $97) and still has a few days of funding left if you want to grab yours. The $115 kit includes video tutorials to make the application process easy peasy. Knoll also points out that if you ever get tired of the gold finish you can use an abrasive polish to remove the plating. Like we’d ever get sick of luster…

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