It’s March! And you know what that means… a brand new crop of Kickstarter coolness! Here’s the latest and greatest from our favorite site for inventive, innovative, and sometimes insane ideas.

1. Embrace+: This armband monitors all of your activity on social media, and notifies you when new things happen. Choose a color for each social network, and get ready for an LED light show on your wrist.

2. Rhino Screen Protector: Like the minimalist iPhone look but need a little more protection? This screen protector is tough enough to withstand hammers… and cats.

3. World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar: Speaking of cats, 15 bucks’ll get you this ridiculously fun cat calendar. So. Many. Costumes!

4. Desktop 3D Scanner: And in the world of 3D printing innovation, the folks at CAD Scan are fundraising to make a surprisingly affordable desktop 3D scanner a reality. A pledge of $985 will get you your own desktop scanner, and means you can recreate all the plastic dinosaurs you want! :)

5. Snug: We hate to admit it, but we’ve definitely ruined more than one cooking utensil by leaving it on the edge. You know that smell of burning wood or plastic? Not cool for your food.

6. Find a Film Movie Poster: This fun infographic-looking poster is also a tool to help you find the perfect movie to watch based on your mood. Now if only they’d make a matching website…

7. Twyst Winder: Oh hello cord organization! This colorful little doodad winds your headphones into a convenient little disc.

8. Smartphone Light Dimmer: To the automated home category! This product by Ube Wifi lets you control your lights from your phone, even when you’re away. Great for welcoming overnight guests if you’re not home yet, and could do wonders for your electric bill.

9. Crazy Colorful Leggings: What! These leggings are kind of amazing. They all feature super unusual colors, patterns, and prints. We’re wondering if a bespoke option is in the cards. We’d love to design a Brit + Co. pair!

10. DIY Medium Format Pinhole Camera: This do-it-yourself flat pack camera kit allows you to use a simple pinhole to take photographs on medium format film. The camera body is made from recycled cardboard with the design screen printed onto the cardboard. Awesome.

Bonus! Tapigami Glasses: Officially called Hacker Glasses, this is an art object made for your face! The frames are printed on a 3D printer and the lenses are made meticulously from tape.

One more bonus! Hand Horns: And lastly, who doesn’t need a pair of hand horns?

What goodies have you found, funded, or gawked at thanks to Kickstarter? Tell us in the comments below.