Kim Kardashian West has posed for a LOT of controversial covers in her days. There was that time she went nude for W, or that other time she bared her, er, assets for Paper. Her latest just may be the most shocking of all, and she didn鈥檛 need to remove a stitch of clothing to pull it off.

The KKW Beauty founder tweeted a shot of the upcoming Interview cover in which she looks a bit鈥 different. Posing with daughter North by her side, Kardashian West appears to have taken on the alter ego of another famous fashion icon: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Shot by Steven Klein, the stunning image features the 36-year-old mother of two sitting primly on a couch in white gloves, pearls, and a white sheath dress (no telling if she鈥檚 also wearing the late First Lady鈥檚 Cartier watches that she won in auction). She even channels the 鈥60s beauty with a pale-pink glossy lip and bouffant hairstyle. She also shared black and white snaps of herself caught up in a hug with North and peering out the window.

The photographer gave us some alternate shots from the pictorial, which also shows the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in Jackie O鈥檚 signature sunnies, and another that鈥檚 an on-purpose candid of the reality alum in a navy peacoat.

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Kardashian West herself makes no mention of Kennedy in the interview, rather comparing herself to yet another White House figure, albeit a fictional one 鈥 famed crisis handler, Olivia Pope. 鈥淚f there鈥檚 something being said about my sisters, I鈥檒l be the first to jump in a group. We have family chats that happen all day, every day鈥 I鈥檒l be the first to jump in and say, 鈥楪uys, I鈥檓 seeing this. This is not cool. Tell me what鈥檚 going on.鈥 I鈥檓 usually the ringleader for stuff like that and I鈥檒l say, 鈥榊ou鈥檙e wrong. You need to apologize.鈥 Or, 鈥楾his needs to be fixed. Everyone just lay low, chill out, don鈥檛 say anything. It doesn鈥檛 matter if it鈥檚 all lies. I know it鈥檚 frustrating. I know you want to speak up.鈥 We always have to remind ourselves of that,鈥 she said in the accompanying interview.

She鈥檚 also not here for your criticisms. 鈥淚 used to say, 鈥業 love being underestimated.鈥 But now, 10 years into it, I鈥檓 kind of like, 鈥極kay, give a girl a little respect,'鈥 Kardashian West reflected. 鈥淚f I鈥檓 so not talented, if I do nothing, then how is my career my reality. And I poke fun at it. Like when I was on the cover of Forbes I posted the hashtag, 鈥#NotBadForaGirlWithNoTalent.鈥欌

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She went on to add, 鈥淵ou can say a lot of things about me, but you cannot say I don鈥檛 work hard. I don鈥檛 sing. I don鈥檛 dance. I don鈥檛 act. But I am not lazy.鈥

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(Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty)