When you’re first starting out in the real world (AKA post-dorm life), it’s easy to rely on the basics that got you through all those important college years: a six-pack of ramen noodles, that one big pot Mom gave you and all of your besties who would come over to share good times every Friday night. But suddenly it’s time to move on. You’re a grown woman now, and you want to conquer this whole #adulting thing. You start by learning some basic cooking techniques. Then you feel confident enough to try some newbie recipes. Soon enough, you’ve mastered all of the recipes you need to learn before turning 25. Now that you’ve got this down, you know it’s time to upgrade the kitchen to match your new *culinary skillz.* Here is the ultimate guide to everything you need in the kitchen… because you know it’s time to get to the next level up in here.


If you’re truly looking to upgrade your favorite room in the house and start tackling those easy-to-make (and fancy AF) recipes, you need all of the essentials: from various pots and pans to sturdy slicing tools to everything under the sun to prep like a pro. Plus there’s a handy list of must-have utensils, appliances and even linens.

Once you’re fully stocked, you’ll be feeling like Wonder Woman in your kitchen. Just add these essential pantry staples and items under $5 at Trader Joe’s and you’ll be truly ready to cook to your heart’s desire. Thankfully, you’ll have one AH-mazing kitchen to help you along the way.

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