In an age where everything is becoming more and more automated, brands are working to make the consumer experience more authentic and human. Just last month, for example, a new clothing company launched with the goal of making the connection between potential shoppers and their brand as human as possible.

Known Supply Women Fitted Crew

Known Supply‘s mission is to provide apparel in a way that celebrates the people who make it. This means introducing you to the woman who made your clothing in “an effort to bring people back to the forefront,” according to the brand. Each piece you purchase comes with the signature of the person who crafted it, and you can use it to learn more about them on Known Supply’s site. You can even write a personal note!

Known Supply Men's Long Sleeve

The clothing company was started by two lifelong best friends and is committed to keeping the supply chain transparent, so that customers can see what’s happening every step of the way, and even participate if they want by connecting with the creators. The premium garments are produced at the brand’s facilities in Peru, which offers meaningful employment to women affected by poverty.

Known Supply Women's Long Sleeve

Known Supply explained its belief that “the more shoppers put people first when it comes to making their purchasing decisions, the clothing industry will too. Collectively, the apparel industry will be told that all people are valuable, and in the process, the lives of the millions of people who are a part of it will be changed.” That’s a mission we can get behind!

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(Photos via Known Supply)