If you’re a daily Brit + Co. visitor, then you know that we revealed something seriously big this week. A brand new shop! And with a new shop comes a whole new batch of summery Brit Kits. Lately we’ve been getting busy with the laser cutter, and it’s seriously changing up our DIY jewelry game — and now we’re happy to say it can change your DIY jewelry game too!

BUY NOW – $25

Our stunning Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kits are available in Lavender, Poppy, and Mint, for just $25 in our online shop. Make sure to snag your favorite color, as we expect these to go quick!


– laser cut acrylic tiles (in various colors)

– gold beads

– gold chain

– jewelry wire

– crimp beads

– jump rings

– lobster clasp


– jewelry plier + cutter combo tool


1. Cut a 10-inch length of wire using the jewelry plier/cutter.

2. Fasten one end of wire to a jump ring, using crimp beads.

3. String alternating gold beads and acrylic tiles onto the wire.

4. Close off the second end of wire with another jump ring and crimp beads.

5. Cut two, 4 to 5-inch lengths of chain using the jewelry plier/cutter.

6. Attach chain and lobster clasp using jump rings.

7. Show off your new statement necklace, and watch as everyone swoons ;)

Only seven steps to your next tech-meets-fashion statement? What are you waiting for? ;)

First things first, get out your plier/cutter tool and cut a 10-inch length of wire.

Now for Crimp Beads 101: String 2 crimps onto the wire, loop the wire around a jump ring, and string that same end back through the 2 crimps. Then, firmly crunch down those crimp beads using your pliers.

Test out a pattern or two by laying all your tiles on their side, and propping them up against a book spine or another flat sided object. Come up with your own combination, or replicate our designs!

Once you’ve chosen a design, string alternating gold beads and acrylic tiles onto your wire.

Keep on stringin’ until you’ve used up all your acrylic tiles, or just until you’re happy with the length.

Remember Crimp Beads 101? Repeat here to close off the other end, except here it helps to trim off any excess wire before threading through the crimps and closing the wire off.

Now for the final steps! Cut 2 lengths of chain, about 4 to 5 inches each, using your plier/cutter.

Attach the two pieces of chain to the jump rings at either end of the beaded wire, using your pliers. Now attach the last 2 jump rings and the lobster clasp to the chain ends and you’re done!

Take a good look at your handiwork!

Check out those color variations! You can get this same Kit in Poppy, Mint and Lavender!

We’re loving these playful colors and textures. It’s like a party garland you can wear around your neck… without looking like you had one too many mimosas at brunch…!

Now all you have left to do is snag your own Laser Statement Necklace Kit for $25 in the B+ C Shop! And for the minimalist crowd, we’ve got a more subtle Laser Cut Pendant Necklace Kit option for $25 as well, also available in lavender, mint and poppy. Happy making!