17 Last-Minute Father’s Day Cards You Can Print Out for Free
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17 Last-Minute Father’s Day Cards You Can Print Out for Free

Most holidays — Father’s Day included — have a habit of sneaking up on us. With only days left before June 19th, a printable Father’s Day card is the ultimate solution for when you’re running short on time, without comprising the quality of a thoughtful gift. With some of these printables only requiring you to download and print, it’s *almost* impossible to imagine doing anything else ;) All jokes aside, the pops in your life will love these 17 printable Father’s Day cards that are just like Dad: silly, sentimental and just plain awesome.

1. Father’s Day Questionnaire Card: Come June 19, the whole day should be all about Dad. Even if he’s not the type to seek out attention, don’t let his special day go unnoticed. Kick off the festivities with a printable questionnaire that shows how much you care about him. (via Capturing Joy With Kristen Duke)

2. Little Bug(s) Card: Whether you’re an only child or have siblings, you can choose between sending Dad love from his “bug” or his “bugs.” Either way, he’s sure to break into a grin when he sees this quirky card. (via Giggle Hearts)

3. Best Dad in the World Card: He’s one of the people who mean the most to you in the world, so tell him with this Father’s Day card featuring a watercolor map. The best part of this print is that you can get the pretty watercolor effect without making a mess and having to clean up afterwards. #winning (via Clementine Creative)

4. Fungi Card: Give the pun master a taste of his own medicine with this fungi card. He’ll appreciate knowing his “fun guy” status is so well known. (via Shari’s Berries)

5. Gift Card Holders: It can be a little tough picking the perfect gift for Dad. A gift card is always a safe way to go, so let him choose something he actually wants by getting him a card to his favorite sports store or coffee shop. Once you’ve got that down, all you need to worry about is which printable design fits him best. (via Spark and Chemistry)

6. Polka Dotted Fill in the Blanks Card: Make sure to print out your card design on cardstock for the best results. Complete the rest of the sentence with a funny or serious phrase: “Dad only you can…” Once you write a message inside the card, you’re done! (via Make and Tell)

7. Pop Card: Turn his love for corny jokes into a Father’s Day card like this punny one. If he’s got something of a sweet tooth, there’s no doubt he’d appreciate a cake pop served on the side. (via Shari’s Berries)

8. Freebie Father’s Day Printables: Sometimes it can be a little hard to express how much Dad means to you, because words. If that’s the case, this mega freebie download offers seven unique Father’s Day cards to choose from. Use one of these funny ways to say “I love you,” and trust that Dad will totally get it. (via The Paper Curator)

9. Wonderful Father Card: If you and Dad are less sentimental, consider a more silly take on a Father’s Day card like this printable that features a moustache. There’s just something so appealing about a perfectly symmetrical card. (via Minted Strawberry)

10. Dads Are Yay! Card: Don’t be fooled, as adorable as this little guy may seem, he’s every bit as manly as your dad — just check out that ‘stache! If you’re looking for a colorful card that shares your enthusiasm for Dad’s special day, go for this printable option. (via Design Is Yay!)

11. Fill in the Blank Card: This printable card is gonna be a big hit with Dad, especially if you have everyone in the family fill one out. Set aside some time during the day to share what everyone wrote for a good laugh all around. (via Elegance and Enchantment)

12. Necktie Card: Available in blue, green and red, these printable necktie cards are super easy to make and decorate. Make up your own pattern or copy one off of your dad’s favorite ties, and that’s a wrap! (via One Creative Mommy)

13. Dad Rocks Card: Use cardstock to create these three-dimensional “rocks” that’ll show Dad just how much he actually rocks. Though these rocks were made of metallic paper, feel free to experiment with different shades and textures for a unique look of your own. (via Mr Printables)

14. Best Dad Ever Card: The best dad ever deserves the best Father’s Day ever. Make sure his gets started off on the right foot with this fail-safe card that’ll make him feel like one special dad. (via Elegance and Enchantment)

15. Tool Box Card: Celebrate the handiest handyman you know with a card he’ll appreciate, like this tool box-themed printable. Surprise him with this card and an actual set of new tools to really nail the message down. (via Trim Craft)

16. Pop-Up Card: This stand-out card is surprisingly simple to make once you have an X-ACTO knife in hand. Download the template, print then cut along the dotted lines. If you think you got the gist of it, try your hand at other words like “Pops,” if you call him that. (via One Dog Woof)

17. Isometric Font Card: This card is for the minimalist dads out there. Set on a grid-like background, the font looks like it’s ready to jump off the page. Leave as-is for a simple and understated look, or add a touch of color here and there for a brighter outcome. (via Minieco)

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