The Super Bowl is almost here, and you just decided to throw a party? Not a problem. These聽#winning football decorations聽require minimal effort but leave a lasting impression. Here are *the*聽20 finishing touches聽to kick off your Super Bowl Sunday.


1. DIY Field Goal Posts: These tiny posts go beyond decor: Fold up a few paper 鈥渇ootballs鈥 and challenge your guests to a rousing game of paper football. All you need is a long dining room table or, in a pinch, smooth flooring.聽(via Horrible Housewife)


2. Go Team Straws: Getting crafty on the field may lead to a penalty, but getting a bit crafty for a party is definitely encouraged. (via Kara鈥檚 Party)


3. Printable Game Day Bingo: Even guests whose interest in the big game聽starts and stops with聽the commercials can enjoy the evening. Set up a friendly聽game of Super Bowl Bingo with these printables and start thinking of a cool prize to offer the winner.聽(via Studio DIY)


4. DIY Football Coasters: To keep things both tidy聽and festive, DIY a set of coasters out of cork and paint. Of course, a refreshingly fruity beer cocktail is a no-brainer. (via Birds Party)


5.聽DIY Football Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: These chocolate-covered strawberries 鈥 AKA the most delicious footballs ever 鈥 are something you鈥檒l want to bring out right before JT takes to the halftime stage. If you鈥檙e short on time, buy your strawberries pre-dipped and just add the icing. (via Domestic Fits)


6.聽Printable Sports Party Labels: Labeling what鈥檚 what on your game day spread has聽never looked so聽festive. (via Val Event Gal)


7. Printable Super Bowl Photo Booth Props: Game time is great for photos, especially if your guests come decked-out in their team鈥檚 colors. (via Hostess With the Mostess)


8. Football Food Printables: You鈥檒l score for sure with these referee- and playbook-inspired printables. Decorate everything in referee gear to show your guests you mean business. (via Hostess With the Mostess)


9. Chocolate and Mint Football Cupcakes: While the football pros are busy eating turf, you can show some solidarity with cupcakes iced to match. (via Martha Stewart)


10. DIY Giant Emoji Foam Finger: You can鈥檛 have a football party without wearing a huge AF foam finger! Go the non-traditional foam finger way and DIY your own to look like the hand emoji on your keyboard. (via Studio DIY)


11. Rate the Commercials Printables: If you鈥檙e there for the commercials, DIY a batch of these printables so you and your squad can weigh聽in on how the advertising scores. (via Studio DIY)


12. Printable Football Treat Boxes: After the final score, when your friends are either celebrating or swearing over their team, let 鈥檈m pack up the leftover party goodies in themed聽treat boxes. (via Practically Functional)

13. Ice Cream Football Sandwiches:聽Between the ice cream and the icing, this is kind of the ultimate聽dessert. Adding game plays to the handles is the finishing touch that makes this DIY聽a crowd-pleaser. (via聽Celebration Shoppe)

14. Game Day Table Cloth:聽Next to a turf tablecloth, this聽craft-paper runner featuring football plays is the most thematic you can get. It鈥檚 the little details like this that bring your聽decorations to life. (via聽Peachfully聽Chic)

15. Yardline Bunting:聽Score a touchdown with this sideline turf banner. It鈥檚 not made of flimsy paper, so this one can go the distance and be used again for years to come. (via聽Salty Canary)

16. Game Day Beverage Station:聽Hydration is key on and off the field, so make sure everyone watching at home gets their share of H20. A big green tub with a goal post will make it hard for anyone to miss the drinks. (via聽Craftaholics Anonymous)

17. Astroturf Placemats:聽True fans will be tickled by the astroturf placemats, and will be trying to sneak one home for next year鈥檚 season.(via聽Sugar & Cloth)

18. Football Party Mason Jars:聽Just when you thought you鈥檇 seen the last of mason jar crafts, they鈥檙e back to display cutlery and straws on the buffet. (via聽Mason Jar Crafts Love)

19. Big Game Letter Board:聽You don鈥檛 necessarily have to bring the scoreboard into your home to convey the football theme. A letter board with some key words should be enough to get the message across.聽(via聽The聽Tomkat聽Studio)

20. Football Helmet Drink Stirrer:聽Elevate your cocktail station in time for kick-off with swizzle sticks painted to match the teams鈥 colors. (via聽Inspired by Charm)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)