Fact: Instagram is chock-full of (uninspired) mirror selfies. But this girl’s feed is well beyond duck faces and peace signs. Helene Meldahl’s out-of-this-world mirror artwork is really what takes her Instagram selfies to a whole new level.

As an avid doodler, Helene has always had a knack for drawing on things that may or may not have been made to be drawn on. Like most of us artsy folk, napkins and notebooks were her canvases of choice. But now, it’s mirrors.

It all started with a mini drawing on the bathroom mirror intended for her roommate. But one day (about a year ago), she incorporated herself into one of her 20 minute drawings and snapped a photo on her Instagram account, Mirrors Me. The response was epic, so naturally, she continued.

If you want to make your own mirror drawings, take a tip from Helene and use a chalk marker. It needs to be able to wash off the mirror easily so you can keep those Likes comin’ in ;)

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