It’s gorgeous, it’s delicious and it’s insanely soothing. It’s lavender, and we can’t get enough of it! We’re so obsessed with the powerful flower that we think it might just be the perfect theme for your next party. A lovely lavender brunch, perhaps? Or a lavender-laced girls’ night? Check out these 18 ideas for a lavender party, and you’ll see that the possibilities are seriously endless with this perfect, purple plant.

1. Lavender Honey Crostini: A platter of this savory, sweet appetizer will get any party off to a great start. (via Design Love Fest)

2. Lavender Votive: Ribbons, lavender and votives — it’s party decor perfection! These would look great scattered throughout your home or grouped together to create a centerpiece. (via Once Wed)

3. Lavender Wreath: Wear it on your head, hang it on the wall or drape it over the back of your chair. The opportunities are limitless with this versatile DIY wreath. (via Hello Home Shoppe)

4. Lemon Lavender Candles: Two of our favorite scents come together in this adorable decor piece. A hollowed out lemon makes the perfect holder for homemade lavender candles. (via Brit + Co)

5. Lavender Macarons With Honey Buttercream: Dainty and delightful, macarons are always a crowd pleaser. We love the floral, lavender flavor paired with a delicious dollop of honey buttercream. (via The Tart Tart)

6. Lavender in Twine-Wrapped Mason Jars: You can’t go wrong with mason jars. These chic, twine-wrapped jars make simple, understated vases for bouquets of dried lavender. (via Design Sponge)

7. Dried French Lavender in Vintage French Book Cone ($19): Book-wrapped bouquets are vintage, whimsical and full of character. We think they’re basically the trifecta of chic.

8. Lavender Garland: This gorgeous garland idea isn’t just for weddings. Dangling bunches of dried lavender carries out a party’s theme in a lovely way, while offering a bonus, soothing scent. (via A Thousand Threads)

9. Lavender Honey Cupcakes: Pastel purple cakes, honey-laced buttercream frosting and beautiful dried lavender buds make for some tasty magic in these sweet cupcakes. (via The Cupcake Suite)

10. Lavender Bee’s Knees: We knew honey and lavender mixed well to create some delicious edibles, but a cocktail, too? Yum! (via Honestly Yum)

11. Lavender Tulle Chairback: Dreamy tulle, meet dried lavender. When these two superstars come together, they create a seriously ethereal dining area. (via A Floral)

12. Stone Fruit Salad With Lemon Lavender Syrup: There are few things more beautiful than a perfect fruit salad. This mixture, topped with lavender, is a party essential on a toasty summer day. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

13. Lavender Honey Ice Cream: Comforting, classic vanilla bean ice cream gets a colorful, flavorful lift from yummy dried lavender. This is the perfect balance between delicate and decadent. (via Oh Sweet Day!)

14. Blackberry Lavender Lemonade: We can’t get enough of this vibrant, jewel-toned lemonade. And those paper straws add just the right amount of fun flair to your party. (via Free People)

15. Lavender Soda: Give your soda some lavender love. Fresh lavender gives bubbles a new look and a unique, soothing flavor. Adding a few lavender stems to the outside of your water pitcher or decanter is a great way to give it a little pizzazz as well. (via Henry Happened)

16. Lavender Sugar: This flavored sugar can be used for coffee, tea or to jazz up a round of champagne cocktails. (via Brit + Co)

17. Lavender-Infused Banana Bread: Sweet and buttery bliss. A little lavender makes this luscious loaf even more party-friendly. (via Broma Bakery)

18. Lavender Sachets: Send your guests home with a classic parting gift that they can use in drawers, closets or other storage areas to keep things smelling fresh and floral. (via 100 Layer Cake)

What’s your favorite way to use lavender? Will you be throwing a floral themed party this summer? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.