Between neck cramps and back aches, sitting at your desk all day can be a huge drag. Sure, there are cool hacks like a standing desk and even an elliptical desk to try and combat sitting, but none of those are quite as cozy as you’d like them to be. Luckily, one company has your back… literally.

Altwork is a northern California company that invented a desk that lets you lie down while you work. Their desk looks kind of like a dentist’s chair, only it comes with an attached work surface that swivels, so you can work sitting, standing or lying on your back. The work surface of the desk is made of steel and the keyboard and mouse have magnets in them that keep them from falling on your face when you recline.

The Altwork guys have been developing this desk for a little over five years, and it should be available in mid 2016. The desk looks super techy and fun — the only uncomfortable part about it is the price. According to the website, it’ll run you a cool five-thousand plus dollars and is only available in the US. That’s not a price you can take lying down!

While you wait for the cheaper knock off version of this desk (or for your fairy godmother to lend you some cash) try these fun DIY desks. Now, get back to work!

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(h/t Altwork, photos via Altwork)