The moment we saw these leather-dipped pillows ($180 a piece!) on Clippings, we knew a hack was in order. We took to Amazon to search for denim pillows, hit up the fabric store to find some affordable leather, fired up the hot glue gun, and got to work. And guess what? Each pillow takes less than five minutes to make. For real. Follow along to see how it’s done.

On the left, the pricey pillows. On the right, our DIY take! How sweet is that? Now, let’s get to it.

 – denim pillows ($15 on Amazon)

– 1/4 yard of metallic leather or pleather

 – hot glue gun

– ruler

– fabric scissors


1. Measure pillow.

2. Cut leather triangles or rectangles that fit the dimensions of your pillow.

3. Use hot glue to attach leather pieces to your pillow.

4. Trim off any excess leather pieces at the edges of your pillow. That’s it!

The materials for this project could not be simpler! We hit up Britex Fabrics here in SF to find leather — but any fabric store should do the trick.

Measure your pillow. Then draw a triangle on the back of your leather that fits the dimensions of your pillow. Cut!

Now you’ve got a pillow and a triangle that’s just waiting to jazz it up.

Start at the bottom corner and use hot glue to secure the leather in place. Continue to glue along the seam of the pillow so that the edges are clean. Press firmly, and be sure to clean up any excess glue that squeezes out immediately.

Save the on-pillow edge of your leather for last, so that you know if stretches cleanly onto the pillow.

Trim off any excess leather around the edges of your pillow. Because our pillow had rounded corners, we had to round the corners of our triangle.


We made a few more with different shapes and different leather.

Set ’em up on your couch, and revel in your thriftiness and handiness ;)

What luxury home decor items would you like us to try hacking? Share ideas with us in the comments below.