Good morning dear readers. It’s a Friday morning and you know what that means? Time for our latest installment of the… BritList!

1. Mail Icon Paper Sleeves: These adorable icon sleeves are made to protect your tablet, smartphone, and computer, and match each other perfectly.

2. Clap-Off Bra: Remember the clapper? Well, technology has come along way in the form of this tutorial on how to create a clap-off bra. Amazing.

3. Batman-Themed Wedding: Feel a strong connection with the folks of Gotham? These newlyweds sure do!

4. Edible Flower Heirloom Seed Kit: Love our edible flower cake? Grown your own calendula, lemon mint, nasturtium, and star flower and make your own gorgeous take on this floral sweet.

5. Knotty Ottomans: These ottomans sort of look like giant balls of rope combined with brains, don’t you think? We wonder if you could DIY something like this with tons of old t-shirts.

6. Downtown Abbey Cosmetics Line: The ladies of Downton have that fresh-faced Victorian look down pat. Mimic their subtle style with the brand new Downton Abbey cosmetics line.

7. One-Handed First Aid Kit: Finally, a first aid kit for someone who is actually wounded. Everything in this kit is color-coded so you know what to use when, and you can use everything with just one hand.

8. Hammock Bathtub: This art piece meets bathtub hovers above the floor and is modeled after a hammock. Now, if only it could stretch and swing like a hammock as well.

9. Wonder Bread Icons: Icons made out of an icon? Nothing is more all-American than Wonder Bread, and now it’s being turned into small busts of Jay Z, Plato, and Andy Warhol.

10. Coffee Socks: These socks are made of cotton, polyester, and… carbonized coffee! The coffee helps filter and absorb sweat and odor, meaning less stinky feet!

11. Raven + Lily: Our latest online shopping crush is Raven + Lily. They help employ marginalized women in Africa, India, Cambodia, and the US at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, healthcare, education, and a real chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. They’re currently looking for funding over on Kickstarter to launch a new partnership with Maasai artisans in Kenya. Support them!

12. Acrylic Lego Wall: We found this one while scouring the web for cool Lego products. It’s an entire wall made of Lego dudes in acrylic. So cool!

What cool and quirky things have you seen online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.