With all of the latest advancements in technology, we’ve come to expect that certain things will only become easier and easier for us as we move further into the future. But bread making? Curveball! That’s something we’re super stoked about being able to DIY in our kitchens from here on out with just one handy little device, the Lekue.

The Lekue bread maker is a brown silicone bowl that lets you measure, mix, knead and bake bread without using any other kitchen tools (besides your oven, of course). Talk about simplicity! You just mix your ingredients together, knead, leave the loaf to rise and bake… all in the same bowl. Lekue folds to close shut before you put it in the oven, so your bread is cooked in an enclosed space that steams up and creates a crispier crust than most breads have.

Not into the whole knead, rise and wait process? Lekue had you in mind when they made their little silicone bowl microwave-safe. You can mix your ingredients together in the bowl, refrigerate them in the container for 12-24 hours and then pop it in the microwave for just 4 minutes to unleash a tasty, fully cooked loaf of bread. Absolutely no kneading involved.

If you’ve always wanted to say you can make your own bread, or if you’re gluten-free and want to try your hand at homemade instead of pricy, store-bought slices, now is your chance. It doesn’t get much simpler than this flexible little $35 friend. And with a bunch of free recipes online from the company, and of course some from Brit + Co as well, there’s officially nothing you can’t handle when it comes to bread making anymore.

Watch Lekue in action:

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(h/t Bless This Stuff)