You read that right. EIGHT tools in ONE. We thought we’d seen all the multifunctional rainbow-colored kitchen tools around, but this one takes the cake. The pastel confetti cake, that is ;)

Sure, you might have a bunch of these in your kitchen already but… can you bottle them all up together? The Bin 8 ($29) is a set of eight essentials that can be stacked to form a single long-neck bottle. This would make a really awesome housewarming gift, an idea for folks who go camping a lot but like a little gourmet in their grill or for kids heading off to college.

It breaks down like this:

1. Funnel

2. Lemon Juicer

3. Spice Grater

4. Egg Masher

5. Cheese Grater

6. Lid Opener

7. Egg Separator

8. Measuring Cup

Personally, I would just love to have all of these tools in one place. It would cut down on clutter in a jiffy, and wouldn’t look half bad sitting permanently on the kitchen counter. We’ll go ahead and add this to our genius innovations file!

What multifunctional tools do you use on the reg? Any other items you’ve seen that made you look? Talk to us in the comments below.