We don’t know about you, but this case of the Mondays is hitting us hard. Is it really five days until the weekend?! You, like us, probably wish you were anywhere but your desk right now — like on a vacation, preferably a celebrity girl power vacation.

We already had major FOMO when J-Law and Amy Schumer jetski-ed into the sunset and now we’re jelly over the SNL/Girls mash up we never knew we needed.

If you Instagram stalk celebs like we do (IT’S NOT WEIRD IT’S CALLED BEING A STUDENT OF POP CULTURE, GOSH!) you know that Lena Dunham is in Tokyo right now (working!!) while we’re all at our desks. She’s there with Jenni Konner (her PIC from Lenny Letter) and SNL‘s Aidy Bryant.

The trio looks like they’re having a pretty awesome time based on these kooky photo booth pics they snapped but we’re wondering why they’re in the land of the rising sun in the first place. Some sleuthing (again, totally healthy, non-stalker behavior) reveals that Lena at least is working on filming something. Aidy’s feed doesn’t give us any hints as to what she’s doing there other than buying seriously dope accessories and living life to the fullest as this tweet suggests:

We can’t wait to see what cool project these lady bosses are working on but in the meantime here are some pics of their trip to ramp your FOMO up to 11.

Aidy snapped this one of her “cutest lil #Tokyo guides.”

Lena posted a shot of Aidy loose in Tokyo.

Is Lena shooting a Girls arc where Hannah leaves Iowa AND Brooklyn behind for Japan? Are she and Jenni (and Aidy?) working on Lenny Letter’s big debut? We have some serious questions that need answers — including, where did Aidy’s Beyoncé mice shoes come from and how soon can we get a pair:

*Sigh* Have fun at work today and don’t mind us. We’ll just be daydreaming about Tokyo.

Tell us which celebs you’d like to vacation with in the comments!

(Photos via @lenadunham and @aidybryant)