Leave it to our girl Lena Dunham to rock pants covered in cacti. Aren’t they just the cutest? We loved them so much we had to do our own Brit + Co DIY spin-off (or DIY Copycat as we like to call them)! They are easy to make — you just need a couple hours and some fabric paint. May we suggest a GIRLS marathon while you’re at it?


Materials + Tools:
 – white jeans

– fabric paint

– paint brushes


Grab your paint brushes, queue up HBO Go and get your cacti game on.


Always sketch out ideas before putting the pedal to the metal. Or in this case, the paint to the pants. We opted for two different basic cacti outlines. The key is to make all the cacti look cohesive. Stick to the same shape but play with size and placement on the pants.


Paint your cactus in layers. First start with the base and then add the pot. Grab a darker green to add shadows and finish off with some cactus flowers.


This cactus is a bit easier. Paint the shape and add spikes with a lighter green.


Keep painting! Create a cacti pattern all the way down the pants.


After a few episodes of GIRLS — voila! Cacti pants!


Just like a cactus, Ashley is lookin’ sharp ;)


Do you love our cactus pants as much as us/Lena Dunham? Would you rock them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!