When it comes to planning your wedding, you want a celebration that’s unique and personally meaningful. One place you can get uber creative is with an outrageous wedding cake. Maybe you even want to make the cake yourself. If you met at a writing workshop, bonded over Pride and Prejudice, fell in love via Scrabble With Friends or got engaged at a Middle Earth Fest (dressed as Arwen and Aragon, natch), you’re probably already planning a book themed wedding, and luckily, bookish cakes are *super* cool. Here are 18 delicious lit-geek wedding cakes that will drive you absolutely pin-happy.


1. Fantasy and Fiction: You don’t have to agree on just one author or book when you can combine your two favorite genres. This three-tiered wedding cake looks just like a rotating book rack, but the *spines* are made of yummy marzipan. (via Weddbook)


2. The Princess Bride: The story of the demanding princess and the farm boy who offered feats of bravery to win her is beloved by many brides and grooms. But it’s the message of *true love* that wins the hearts of readers and makes this book a perfect theme for a wedding. (via Little Cherry Cake Company)


3. Jane Austen: Long before there were psych classes, life coaches or marriage retreats, there was Jane Austen telling it like it is. Decorate your cake with your favorite quotes about love and marriage, and your guests can enjoy Austen’s insights as well. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


4. JRR Tolkien: If you share a fave author, one multi-tiered cake that pays homage to their work may be just what you’re looking for. This colorful four-layered cake is as delightful to look at as it is to eat. (via Cat Cakes)


5. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Calling all adventure readers, undersea aficionados and Jules Verne lovers! This *steampunk* cake would make a perfect centerpiece for an undersea adventure theme wedding. It resembles the tank Captain Nemo used to explore the world under the sea. (via Cube Breaker)


6. Pride and Prejudice: At last, you’ve found the Darcy to your Elizabeth, so this Pride and Prejudice theme cake is just for you. Hidden within the center is a lush view of *Pemberley,* recalling the magical moment when Elizabeth realizes she’s in love. (via WedLuxe)


7. Lord of the Rings: A cake like this is a delight to Tolkien fans everywhere. Not only is it decorated with realistic looking Gondor sigils, but there’s a beautiful Evenstar topper. Evenstar was the jeweled pendant that Arwen gave her love Aragon in the film adaptation of Lord of the Rings as a token of her love. (via Southern Blue Celebrations)


8. My Neighbor Totoro: This children’s book based on the animation classic by Hayao Miyazaki is beloved by both children and adults alike. Themes of love and trust make it perfect for a wedding celebration. (via Dream Day Cakes / Bliss Tree)


9. The Great Gatsby: If art deco fashions and Hollywood glamour are your style, a Gatsby wedding might just be the literary theme that pulls your wedding together. Top your cake with a fave quote from the book and you’re *golden.* (via Santa Barbara Wine Country Events)


10. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: If you want your wedding day to be whimsical and fun, a Through the Looking Glass theme is for you. For afternoon weddings, consider a Mad Hatter tea party reception instead of the standard dinner buffet. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


11. Lord of the Rings: Minas Tirith means the Tower of Watch in the Elvish language of Sindarin, but readers refer to it as the White City. It makes a magical centerpiece to any Middle Earth themed wedding. (via Cake Recipe 99)


12. Harry Potter: In JK Rowling’s novels, owls are the messengers carrying notes from wizard to wizard. On your owl themed cake, the rolled up scrolls can send thanks to your guests for sharing this day with you. (via Artisan Cake Company / Mod Wedding)


13. Game of Thrones: This silver and gold cake may just be the most epic GOT cake that ever was. Ardent fans may present the sigil of House Stark, but creative types might wish to create one of your own. (via The Cake Mamas / Burnett’s Boards)


14. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: This quidditch cake comes complete with not one golden snitch, but two. Yours should do the same, signifying there are two winners in love — you each have won the other. Awwwwww! (via Sugar Mill Cakes)


15. Stack of Books: If you can’t agree on just one book to build your wedding theme around, choose several that are meaningful to you. It’s a *foreshadowing* of the way your IRL books will be mingling on your shared bookshelves happily ever after. (via Offbeat Bride)

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