The dress is important, the venue is crucial, but a wedding is not a wedding without a cake. After a day of dancing and congo line marching, this sugary pick-me-up is kind of why guests bother to show up. Except for, you know, the whole marriage thing. Do it big on your special day and treat everyone to a cake that鈥檒l have them drooling for days. From the wacky to the downright jaw dropping, here are 20 of the craziest wedding cakes around.

1. Rose Petal Cake: This is not a cake. This is a work of art. Well, it is actually a cake鈥 you know what we mean. (via Strictly Weddings)

2. Sony PlayStation Cake: Life isn鈥檛 just all fun and games guys. Or鈥 maybe it can be! (via Funtasticus)

3. Ice Cream Cake: This is not your standard ice cream cake, people! This couple switched the 鈥淏en & Jerry鈥檚鈥 logo for 鈥淛ohn & Leslie鈥檚鈥 to make it their own. (via Langham Huntington Weddings)

4. Lifesize Bride: Why customize the cake toppers to look like you when you can customize the cake? What we鈥檙e really wondering though is how you鈥檇 go about cutting it. Do you stab yourself in the gut or chop off an arm? (via Dump A Day)

5. Cake Dress: Here what we don鈥檛 know: how she got in, how you get out or how they made the whole thing checkered inside?! Here鈥檚 what we do know: It鈥檚 awesome. (via Party Pretty)

6. Galaxy Cake: This is giving a whole new meaning to the term 鈥渟pace cake.鈥 (via Lil Sugar)

7. Anti-Gravity Cake: She looks pretty nervous about making that first cut. We would be nervous too if we were her. One wrong move and that top cake ball is going straight onto Grandma鈥檚 head. (via Rainbow Sugarcraft)

8. My Little Pony Cake: This is certainly a colorful option and we love it for that. Not sure how well this would go down with the groom though. Unless he鈥檚 a brony 鈥 AKA bros who love My Little Pony. It鈥檚 a real thing, Google it. (via Jessi Haack Design Blog)

9. Two-Faced Cake: Aside from the fact that it鈥檚 two different flavors 鈥 which is awesome 鈥 we鈥檙e almost more impressed just by the design. Our mouths are officially watering. (via Imgur)

10. Falling Floral Cake: Looks like this guy is falling apart in the best way possible. (via Style Me Pretty)

11. Tea Party Cake: Perfect for a charming ceremony that falls some where in between a wedding and a tea party. With a cake like this, don鈥檛 be surprised if you got an unexpected visit from the mad hatter. (via Cakes Decor)

12. Abstract Cake: Forget about all the other kitschy fondant creations. This unexpected modern cake has our undivided attention. We like to think the bride is wearing an equally impressive dress. (via Charm City Cakes)

13. Modern Cake: If you want to go modern but not that modern, here鈥檚 another colorful choice. This one is a little less avant garde and a little more 鈥60s mod. (via Brides)

14. Tree Cake: Taking your big day outdoors? Make your cake match the scenery. It may look like bark, but we鈥檙e betting it鈥檒l taste a whole lot better. (via Style me Pretty)

15. Art Deco Cake: Okay so this one is amazing. That is obvious. But it has us posing a very important question: How the heck do you eat it?! (via Charm City Cakes)

16. Elephant Cake: This little cake definitely won鈥檛 feed a frenzy, but if you鈥檝e got a small wedding and want to impress a limited number of guests here is a perfect way to do so. (via Big Fat Indian Wedding)

17. Barrel Cake: Planning a vineyard wedding? Take the rustic decor to a whole other level with a barrel cake! (via Louisville Wedding Blog)

18. Cheeseburger Cake: Because who doesn鈥檛 want a sweet cheeseburger? This baby is a whopping six layers, plus you get fondant fries as a side! (via Flickr)

19. Steampunk Cake: Dig into the mysterious and wonderful world of steampunk! This guy is packed with all the steampunk necessities: goggles, pocket watches, tops hats, you name it! (via Artisan Cake Co.)

20. Book Cake: Planning a wedding with a literary kick? Well then a book cake is a must! (via Buzzfeed)

Would you use any of these crazy cool cakes at your wedding? Do you have an even wackier wedding cake that deserves to make it on the list? Share a pic with us below or on Twitter!