Little known fact: Brit + Co. HQ has one gigantic loft area full of millions of LEGOs that looks out over a sea of colorful paper lanterns and busy worker bees, typing away on their keyboards. So you could say we sort of have a thing for elevated spaces. Plus, we’re big believers of looking toward the sky, and we think you should be, too. That’s why we’re bringing you some of our favorite lofted spots. High times are straight ahead.

1. Feminine + Contemporary Loft: The gold accent wall in this Brooklyn loft is a homebody’s dream; there’s always something shiny to marvel at. (via Front + Main)

2. Stable-Turned-Loft: Even a stable for horses, with its beamed ceilings and narrow shape, can be transformed into a loft with smart design. This loft fills blank walls with art, plants, and other statement items. (via SF Girl by Bay)

3. Responsible Design in SoHo: This NYC loft is decked out in vegan and sustainably sourced materials. With its open feel, plus ample seating and standing room, it’s ideal for entertaining. (via Front + Main)

4. Gray, Cozy Loft: Sometimes, the best color is no color at all. This industrial loft, with its herringbone floors, large windows, and roomy sofa offers a hideout for rainy-day reading. (via The Design Chaser)

5. Modern-Meets-Warm Design: Square-shaped furniture feels modern, but arranging it into a circle feels warm and inviting. And believe it or not, it’s all from Target’s Project 62 line. (via Emily Henderson)

6. Bohemian Minimalist: This Madrid loft has Mediterranean vibes with its bright light, white walls, and simple decor — and that bed looks like the ideal spot for a siesta. (via SF Girl by Bay)

7. Living History: A Nashville apartment, formerly a factory, preserves its history with original flooring and brick walls while incorporating modern furniture. (via Front + Main)

8. Cozy, Neutral Space: This monochrome loft gets pops of color from floor plants and copper serving ware. (via Craftberry Bush)

9. Country Chic: Comfy items like a woven rug, throw blankets, and textured pillows, as well as a uniform color scheme, tie this small yet airy space together. (via Inspired By This)

10. Patterns + Textures: This space proves that hunting for vintage pieces and uniquely patterned items is worth the time; it gives you a home that’s anything but cookie cutter. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

11. Interesting Shapes: You can make the most of a small, triangular shaped room with beautiful shapes, such as this circular window and long light fixture. (via asbe/Getty)

12. Endless Light: When light fills your entire room, it’s a great idea to keep the brightness going with pale wood flooring and pastel fabrics. (via Westend61/Getty)

13. Insane View: There’s no need to fuss over furniture when you have a view like this. (via imaginima/Getty)

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Additional reporting by Lex Monson