Little known fact: Brit + Co. HQ has one gigantic loft area full of millions of LEGOs that looks out over a sea of colorful paper lanterns and busy worker bees, typing away on their keyboards. So you could say we sort of have a thing for elevated spaces. Plus, we’re big believers of looking toward the sky, and we think you should be too. That’s why we’re bringing you the most beautiful lofted spots on the planet. High times are straight ahead.

1. Claw Foot Tub: This is the apartment of David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr. The modern-day designer is a sucker for old-school finishes and, according to this image, has very #sobrooklyn taste. (via T Magazine)

2. Dual Living Rooms: We’re all about the pops of color happening in both the upper and lower living room. The lower uses bright pillows on neutral pieces of furniture while the top spot goes whole hog with big vibrant couches. (via Nordic Bliss)

3. Treehouse: Can we just go back to being four years old already? If you’ve got kids in the Midwest, this is ideal for indoor playtime when temperatures dip a little south of sanity. (via Blafre)

4. Mini Loft: Okay, this might not exactly fall under the definition of loft, but raising your sleeping quarters gives a room separation and creates a cozy refuge. (via Lolita)

5. Urban Treehouse Getaway: When you’re a nine year old living in Manhattan and your mom is an interior designer, wonderful things happen, like a tent above your lofted bed and an outdoorsy wall treatment. (via The Barn Light)

6. Yamasaki Home: Tato Architects are kind of pros when it comes to lofted spaces. They’ve even been known to loft entire homes (no joke), but we’re pretty particular to this bathroom with its dreamy hues. Who knew painting one stair sunflower yellow would have such an awesome effect? (via De Zeen)

7. Storage Area: Can there ever be enough closet space in your living quarters? Give your mattress a three-foot boost and look how much stuff you can shove under your bed now! (via M Magazine)

8. Reed Tiny House: It may seem totally obvious, but in case it’s not, let us spell it out for you. Lofts are ideal for tiny houses, and the one shown here is a particularly tiny house. We mean itty bitty teeny mini, or more specifically, an 8 foot by 16 foot abode. It’s called making the most of it, people. (Tiny House Swoon)

9. Sight Glass Coffee: A big open loft with a side of locally roasted coffee? You can sign us up for that. (via Kaper Design)

10. Barcelona Industrial Loft: We love how this industrial loft goes girly glam with lots of pink (including that incredible Smeg fridge). The space is long and narrow with no bedrooms, so the owner did what any smart lady would do. She went vertical. (via My First Little Place)

11. Relaxing Nook: We don’t know about you guys, but we feel one epic nap coming on. (via Coastal Living)

12. Colorful Office in Milan: We’ve found our place in this world, and boy, oh boy, is it a technicolor dream. (via Home Dsgn)

13. Adult Treehouse: This is a bedroom loft. In a real life treehouse. Made for adults. Take that, twerps. (via Mini Lemon)

14. Kitchen Bedroom: Hey there, big time midnight snackers. This is something you might be interested in. Sleeping near the source. (via CasaSugar)

15. Stairway to Heaven: If this photo is suggesting that we use our shoe collection as stairway decor, it needn’t tell us twice. (via Projekt I)

16. The Scrap Ridge Lodge: Slumber party! This brothel turned seven-bedroom getaway (you read that right) is located in Crested Butte, Colorado. Anyone suddenly itching for a road trip? (via Hotel Chic)

17. Living Room Capsule: We love how this loft not only adds space by putting the bed up in the air, but also separates the room. Oh, and then it goes on to act as a bookshelf too. So multifaceted this one is. (via Archi Products)

18. Double Decker Library: Living with books is a way of life. And if you have enough libros to fill all the shelves in this home/borderline library, we bow before you in admiration. (via Where My House)

Have lofty aspirations? Lay ’em down in the comments below.