When it comes to hair, we’ve got a lot of here at Brit HQ. Okay, that sounds gross. Let me start over. There are a lot of ladies here with long hair! For our next hair hack, we’ll show you long-haired gals three simple hacks that are quick and easy to recreate, even if you’ve only got 10 minutes.

Thanks to Brit + Co. Creative Director Anj for lending us her long, wavy, un-layered locks. Didn’t know un-layered was a term? It is if you’re a stylist like me, and live for layers! ;)

On the left, boring lifeless hair. On the right, a Pantene commercial! To create this look, we created 8 big curls and set them by pinning on top. Just follow the steps below!

1. Use Kenra Heat Protector and roll with a large iron to tame those locks.

2. Secure the first curl with a pin.

3. Repeat all over your head.

4. Keep in mind, it is okay to do really big sections of hair.

5. Oh, hey!

6. Pull out the pins gently, so as not to tangle the curls.

7. Flip hair upside down and break curls apart using your fingers.

8. Spray with Aquage Beyond Shine to smooth down curls and refine look.

9. Va-va-voom!

Next up, how crazy is this transformation? If you’re bored of hair or just feel like mixing things up, you can fake a haircut with a few key pins and a slouchy beanie.

1. Apply a pea size amount of Redkin Smooth Down to your hair.

2. If hair is still wet, blow dry hair using a wide-tooth combo.

3. Section of the front of the hair.

4. Twist to desired length for bangs and secure with two bobby pins.

5. Take another section of hair around the perimeter of your face and repeat, leaving hair around the length of your chin.

6. Repeat on the other side so you have two fake layers framing your face.

7. Put on that beanie!

8. Use a straightener to smooth out layers and the rest of your hair.

9. Say cheeeeese!

Love the natural look, but feeling like your hair needs a little extra kick? Last, we’ve got a look inspired by California summers, right in the middle of winter! This process definitely doesn’t take nine steps, but we threw together nine process photos anyway ;)

1. Spray John Masters Sea Spray all over your hair.

2. Use a heat wand to place several random curls in your hair.

3. Keep going, adding texture throughout the hair.

4. Spray an additional layer of sea spray.

5. Flip upside down, scrunch, and tousle your hair, and you’re done!

Bonus! Here’s what it looks like when Anj flips her hair right side up. BOOM!

What type of hair do you have? Any specific questions or topics you’d like us to tackle? Leave a note in the comments below.