Everyone loves their iPhone X (or Google Pixel, or Galaxy Note 8, or… you get the idea). From FaceTime to Google Maps, email to podcasts, Instagram to Facebook, we use our smartphones for everything. It’s a luxury we don’t take for granted, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave the occasional digital detox to re-center ourselves in the present. Yep, sometimes we want to get back to the old-school basics and not feel so dependent on a single device. Below, we’re sharing seven of our favorite ways to stay connected and consume content — just with a lo-fi twist.

1. Hand-Written Notes: There’s something so meditative about hand-lettering a thank you note — it’s the perfect way to unwind and show a friend how much you care (something an emoji-filled text could never replicate). This thoughtful gesture is the best way to make a pal’s day (and gives you a reason to stock up on pretty stationery, just sayin’).

2. Used Books: It may sound crazy, but independent bookstores are still going strong throughout much of the US (print is not dead!). Call us sentimentalists, but browsing a jam-packed indie bookshop is incredibly satisfying — stumbling upon a book of poetry and getting lost in its words for an hour or two is pure bliss. Sure, Kindles may be convenient, but we’re ready to trade our e-books for the real thing.

3. Nintendo Switch Console: Like some kind of gamer magic, the Nintendo Switch transforms from an at-home console to a portable hand-held in an instant. It’s that hit of old-school nostalgia mixed with of-the-moment tech that means you can have your Mario Kart and play it too, without ever picking up your phone.

4. Brick Phone: Ditch the smartphone all together and spend the $60 for the OG cell phone — the Nokia 3310. Back from extinction, this bulky blue beauty comes with an intensely long-lasting battery, a seriously cheap price, and, yes, the classic Snake game. While we don’t recommend completely replacing your smartphone with this little guy, it’s an awesome option for festivals, emergencies, or hikes.

5. Alarm Clocks: We always try to stop screen time an hour or so before bed, but with our phones glowing next to us on our nightstands, it’s not always so easy to do — which is why we’re all about an old-school alarm clock. We can both leave our phones in the next room for the night and get up on time in the morning, no sweat. The Sandman Doppler ($139) has the classic vintage digital look but is complete with modern features like integrated Amazon Alexa voice commands, WiFi capabilities, and Bluetooth.

6. Vinyl Records: It’s not all scratchy country albums and Beatles LPs in the record world these days (though both have their place in our record collections). Taylor Swift just released Reputation as a double picture disc, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack just sounds better on vinyl. Along with a retro record player (like this baby blue ProduTrend one, $48), it’s the perfect accompaniment to your next dinner party.

7. Instant Cameras: The only thing better than a perfectly curated Instagram grid? An IRL gallery wall above your couch, showcasing your most memorable moments. Instant cameras, like the popular and super cute Fujifilm Instax ($69), are an amazing party accessory — just set up a unique photo backdrop and watch your friends’ creativity shine. Much more fun (and long-lasting) than a 24 hour Insta story.

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