While we love how much technology has benefited our daily lives, there are some days when the constant buzzing and beeping of our tech can drive even the most put-together lady insane. So this week, we’re turning off our push notifications, logging off our social media, and taking the digital detox we desperately need. Here are 11 creative ways to take a digital detox to minimize stress, kickstart your creativity, and unglue yourself from your smartphone.

1. Start using a paper planner. We’re totally guilty of using our iCal or Google Calendar to track our every move, but using a paper planner actually has a few surprising benefits for your brain. In fact, we’ve fallen in love with retro physical planners so much that we’ve even created our own line of customizable planners at Target, complete with ring-bound planners, binders, inserts, and fun planner goodies. Snag ’em while they last!

2. Invest in a really interesting book. Instead of scrolling through Instagram to unwind from a stressful work day, we suggest getting lost in a really good book. Here are a few new adult and young adult books to check out. You can never go wrong by picking up a well-loved classic at your local thrift store either.

3. Take a walk around your neighborhood on your lunch break. When it’s finally time to get up from our office chair and indulge in some nosh, the first thing we usually do is frantically scroll through all the notifications we’ve missed. But this week, we’re mixing things up by leaving the office and going for a leisurely stroll around the block instead, while our phones chill on our desk. Just make sure to bring a watch with you so you know when to start heading back.

4. Treat yourself to a physical cookbook. We love the idea of thumbing through a gorgeously photographed cookbook, but we usually end up searching Google for the quickest dinner or meal prep recipes instead. This week, we’re treating ourselves to a brand new cookbook and putting in a little pre-planning effort so we’re not tempted to look up recipes, ingredient swaps, or troubleshooting tips on the fly.

5. Buy a battery-powered alarm clock. We all know the struggle of trying to resist the temptation of our phones the moment we wake up. To combat the habit, we’re investing in a battery-powered alarm clock (we love the Newgate Clocks Covent Alarm Clock ($38), but a dollar store find will also work) and charging our phone in another room. Treat yourself to a little tech-free time in the morning, lady!

6. Take a tech-free weekend getaway. When the work week is over, it’s time for some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. So instead of spending the entire weekend on your mobile, we suggest planning a road trip where you stash away your tech for emergency use only. Whether you travel with your boo or your gals, having a tech-free travel day is a great way to recharge and reconnect with your loved ones.

7. Test out a film or instant camera for a week. Trust us — your Instagram feed can take a breather for seven days. Instead of snapping 40 pics of the same scene with your smartphone, try using a film or instant camera. It may take some getting used to, but we guarantee you’ll love learning a new skill and having a physical reminder of your awesome week.

8. Break out the guitar or recorder. If you already play an instrument, substitute making music the old-school way for rocking out to your Spotify playlists. And if you don’t already know how to tickle the keys or jam out on the clarinet, we suggest picking up a cheap recorder or harmonica and a beginner’s guide and learning a few basic skills whenever you’re tempted to browse iTunes.

9. Host a wine and board games night. Instead of having all your friends over to binge Netflix, try a boozy game night. We suggest instituting a no-tech policy for all attendees. Solidarity, sister!

10. Write snail mail cards. Everyone likes getting mail, and a tech detox is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your lettering skills and treat your friends and family to a little postal surprise. Plus, we love that this gives us an excuse to invest in cute stationery — or better yet, craft some ourselves.

11. Ditch your fitness app and take a run around your community. We totally agree that a whole week of cardio sounds dreadful, but we’re taking this opportunity to replace our app workouts with a leisurely run around our neighborhood. Not only is it a great way to explore your community, but running outside also lets you set your own route and challenge yourself based on your fitness ability.

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