We love a sudsy, steamy soak to unwind after a long day, but adding in a sizzling bath bomb makes the whole experience a lot more fun and relaxing — the best of both bath worlds. There are a ton of different options out there, but Lush has really made a splash with their bright, sudsy treatments. They’ve already got unicorn horn bubble bars and shower jellies under their belt, but a new launch might be their most bizarre (and coolest) ever.

Once the Lush Jelly Bomb hits the water, it fizzes out a “jelly” that’s made from sodium alginate (a natural extract from brown seaweed) that gives the H2O a gelatinous feel. It’s cool while you soak, but it also helps hydrate and smooth your skin. How BOMB is that?! Though they have already dropped in the UK, a Lush rep tells us that we can expect a US launch in early fall 2017, where each treat will set you back $9.

There are four debut formulas: Dark Arts (an orange and cinnamon-scented bomb that lets you bathe in mineral-rich black water), Green Coconut (a tropical-scented option featuring a refreshing coconut cream water), The Big Sleep (a chamomile and lavender concoction that chills you out and soothes skin), and Marmalade (a citrusy product that brightens skin and awakens your senses). Each of the bombs surprises you with a touch of colorful shimmer, which ensures that obligatory bath time Insta pic will be extra click-worthy.

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