MAC, the makeup counter destination for prom queen nominees everywhere, recently announced their newest collection inspired by romance novels. Hey, Fabio’s not the only one around here who gets to look pretty.

The huge assortment includes products with sexxxy names like Lingering Kiss lipstick in deep plum red and Sexy & the Oyster eye shadow quad in seafoam green. They even created several new nail polish colors in a range of dark hues — perfect for fall. The press release encourages you to “fall in lust” with the collection, entitled “A Novel Romance,” as it is guaranteed to have you “feeling overwhelmed with desire.”

Gotta hand it to those PR peeps: We are indeed super excited to experience the line in person, in part because this is something we’ve never seen before. Like many cosmetic companies, MAC runs a couple pop-culture-inspired collections each season, like their recent limited-edition Maleficent line. Beauty companies don’t just look to recent trends to inspire new products, either. Urban Decay’s new Pulp Fiction collection is a prime example of how the industry isn’t afraid to go a little #ThrowbackThursday with their products.

But while the romance novels your mom used to surreptitiously buy at the grocery store were extremely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, owning a copy of Fabio’s glossy pecs wasn’t ever actually deemed “cool.” These types of books aren’t something millennials recently discovered at a garage sale and rebranded as hipster.

So why is MAC dedicating a makeup line to them? Maybe the surging popular of 50 Shades of Grey has made it okay to openly love PG-13 literotica. Or maybe MAC just couldn’t get the rights to do their own 50 Shades line and had to settle for the next best thing. Whatever the marketing reason, this makeup palette is totally unexpected… and we like it like that.

What’s the one product from this line you are most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments below.