Over the past year, we’ve seen hairstyle trends like the micro-mohawk braid, the banana bun, and the high pony take off, but a French-girl-inspired ‘do is here to steal the spotlight. Macaron buns have surged in popularity this year, and Pinterest searches are proof: The space bun style has seen a 170 percent increase in searches since 2016.

So, what exactly are macaron buns? “They’re two buns that are tied low at the nape of the neck,” explains celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, whose clients include Lea Michele, Adriana Lima, and Chrissy Teigen. “French girls call these macaron buns because of their circular shape and softness.” Hey, who said you couldn’t find hair inspo while picking out pastries at your local bakery?

Good news: Beyond being ‘Gram-worthy, the look is versatile, cute, and practical. “The best thing about the macaron bun hairstyle is that it’s great for anyone,” Polko says. “You can style them however you’d like to, whether you have thin or thick hair.”

To get started, part your hair in the middle and secure each side in a ponytail. If you’re dealing with summer frizz, add a touch of lightweight styling cream to keep things sleek. “Then, twist each side up into whatever kind of bun you’re feeling, whether it’s messy, neat, small, or big,” Polko advises. Think: braided, ballerina, unkempt, or even accessorized buns. “Finally, secure each side with bobby pins and spray a flexible hold hairspray.” So sweet.

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(Photos via ofeminin)