With Mad Men coming to a close, you can’t help but get a little choked up over all the drunken fights, affairs and cigarette butts that you are going to miss (Oh, the drama). While the lives of the characters are what made us talk, the visuals of the sets made us believe. It might be the end of an era for the show, but we’re going to continue the retro-vibe with these items to re-vamp our workspace for an all-around vintage feel — while drinking Manhattans, of course.

1. Speaker ($50): Just slide your phone into the retro-inspired bod, and it will connect to play whatever music you like. It comes in particularly handy when the office is in need of an impromptu dance party.

2. Bar Cart ($500): The bar is Roger Sterling’s best friend in his modern, all-white office. Add your favorite liqueurs and spirits for a modern take on the ’60s. And go ahead and learn how to make a Manhattan while you’re at it.

3. Couch ($1,700): This is an absolute must in any mid-century office. Just like in Mad Men, you can use this couch for taking plenty of naps, and maybe a few meetings. But mostly naps.

4. Orange Swivel Chair ($290): Adding a pop of color can lighten the mood in any space. Copy Don Draper’s two orange swivel chairs by adding them to your office. Keep it simple with a mid-century wooden desk and a funky desk lamp.

5. Coffee Cups ($15): Every desk needs a cute coffee cup. Buy these ceramic glasses to add some flower power to your daily routine.

6. Whiskey Glasses ($50): These whiskey glasses are office staples in the show. Not only will they add class to your bar cart, but they’ll make your drinks look dapper as well.

7. File Folder ($118): This modern-take on a mid-century file folder is perfect to place next to your desk.

8. Globe ($60): Forget Google Maps and give the whole wide world a spin in your office. Place it on a bookshelf or on a small table, and show your clients that you’re a worldly man or woman.

9. Sterling Table Lamp ($98): Not only is the name of this lamp appropriate for this lineup, but it will add some texture into your office with its teal cracked ceramic.

10. Pen Tray Holder ($24): Instead of wondering where all your pens went, just put ’em in this pen tray and place it on top of your desk.

11. Mini Retro Pens ($6): Boost the mood in your office by writing with these bold-colored pens. They will inspire you to come up with the best copy for your next ad campaign.

12. Poster ($28): This exact replica from Peggy’s office is perfect as a standalone piece, or you can create a collage with other retro posters to up your office personality.

13. Rotary Phone ($69): No Mad Men office can be without a rotary phone. Whether you use it as decor or you go all in by using it IRL, put it on your desk for a vintage look.

14. Stapler ($34): Every desk needs a stapler… um… right? Well, maybe every desk needs a stapler when it looks like this.

15. Table ($199): We’re all about crediting original designers, but not all of us can afford the original $2,064 Saarinen tulip table that sits in Rogers office on the show. So sometimes — we just gotta reach for a knockoff.

16. Typewriter ($120): And the award for the best supporting actor in Mad Men goes to — the typewriter. Display this behind your desk for an added flair of mid-century accessories.

How would you give your office the ultimate Mad Men makeover? Let us know in the comments!

(Feature image via AMC)