When it comes to creating “nude” toned garments, the fashion industry tends to only really use shades suitable for Caucasian women. However, all that’s about to change. First came those Christian Louboutin heels that were redesigned to flatter a wider range of skin tones and now that same update is headed to the lingerie industry. Introducing: Nubian Skin.


The UK intimates brand is designed specifically to finally provide nude garments for women of color. Whether you’re in need of some super sexy pieces or just some quality, everyday basics, Nubian Skin comes in four different shades: berry, cinnamon, caramel and café au lait. The brand even offers a color guide that compares the four colors to popular makeup foundations to make the process even simpler.

When the L.A Times asked about her motivation for starting the company, Nubian Skin’s founder, Ade Hassan said, “As a woman with a darker skin tone, you see things on the catwalk, or you just have a white T-shirt or a sheer blouse you want to wear, and it was basically impossible to find something that lets you pull off that look. A lot of times people think fashion is quite trivial, but it’s a way people express themselves. And so not being able to have something as simple as wearing hosiery that’s my skin color can be incredibly frustrating.”


The much-needed brand has been around since last fall but has only recently hit American retailers. You can now find Nubian Skin’s basic bras at Nordstroms. If you have your eyes set on their hosiery or one of the lacy numbers, Nubian Skin ships worldwide from their website – but be prepared to shell out for international shipping. Here’s to hoping that this more accurate definition of the term “nude” begins to take hold in even more areas of the fashion industry in the very near future (is tomorrow too soon?)

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(Photos via Nubian Skin)