If we could all drop our last paycheck on a plane ticket or two, we鈥檇 already have holiday flights booked to visit all of our family members. But for those of us who can鈥檛 quite swing a pricey plane ticket, it鈥檚 important to show our loved ones how much we wish we could be there to help nosh on some Christmas morning brunch or fry up some sufganiyot. That鈥檚 why we鈥檝e assembled this go-to list for gifts that are not only heartfelt, but also won鈥檛 get totally smashed, crumpled or demolished in the hands of the Postal Service. Pick out one of our 14 favorite mailable gifts and get packing!

1. Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): Pillows are perfect for the mail. They鈥檙e squishy, so you can stuff them into any size package, and there鈥檚 no chance that rough handling will result in a box filled with broken bits of a really cool gift. This mixtape pillow is totally customizable, so send it to a BFF far, far away.

2. Paso Necklace ($46): Send a gift she can鈥檛 get anywhere else, like this Western Seaboard-inspired necklace. With feminine curves and a foggy gray gemstone, this piece is sure to delight.

3. Citrus Floral Recipe Box ($34): Books can be tricky to ship if they aren鈥檛 packaged right (just say no to bent up pages!). If it鈥檚 a cookbook you want to send, protect recipes with this storage box. It may not be the latest on-trend cookbook, but we鈥檙e pretty sure your Grandma will love recipes handwritten by you.

4. Semara Carryall Clutch ($44): The real beauty of giving a clutch is the possibilities for what can be found inside. Ditch the cardboard and foam liners and packets of silica gel and stuff that clutch full of jewels, makeup and a sweet letter.

5. iPhone Case ($30): If a case can keep your iPhone screen crack-free, it鈥檒l have no trouble weathering the turbulence of shipping travel. Plus, this one sports a gorgeous marble motif that the fashionista in your life will love.

6. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit ($18): Sending a tin of cookies is a classic move a la your Great Aunt Mildred. Instead of a bunch of crumbly, stale butter cookies, let the recipient do the baking in their kitchen.

7. Fortune Cookie Necklace ($108): Who doesn鈥檛 love a fortune cookie鈥檚 cryptic wisdom? If you know a special someone extra superstitious about only reading the fortune after eating half the cookie, they鈥檒l love this unique necklace. On your end, you don鈥檛 have to worry about all the hassle of shipping something big. Let鈥檚 just say your cunning nature will make holiday shopping extra easy this year.

8. Coding Online Class ($39): If snail mail 鈥 or gift wrapping 鈥 doesn鈥檛 float your boat, you can still send an amazing gift. This totally online class doesn鈥檛 require any materials other than a computer and connection to the all-important Internet. Check out these other online classes for gifts that fit all of the hobbyists on your list.

9. National Treasure T-Shirt ($24): With 57 leading roles and a whole lot of crazy to back it up, Nic Cage is nothing short of legendary. This tongue-in-cheek tee is perfect for your favorite Internet troll or pop culture guru.

10. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): So you got to keep the family pet, and mom and dad and little bro are still sore about it. Ship this fluffy pillow version that鈥檚 almost as great as the real deal.

11. Pale Ale Brewing Kit ($45): This one鈥檚 for that friend (we all have one) who is a total beer snob. Send a Christmas Ale recipe along with this brewing kit, and maybe next year you鈥檒l be able to clink pints of his own home brew.

12. Gold Bar Studs ($35): These elegant earrings are the perfect adornment for any lobe, and because they鈥檙e light and compact, shipping them will be a breeze.

13. Gold Bar Jewelry Kit ($19): Makers gonna make, make, make, make, make, right? Send your favorite jewelry crafter all the materials she needs for her next project. Top it off with a metal stamping tool kit so she can really make it her own.

14. Mask Making Kit ($20): Give nieces and nephews a gift that will let their imagination and creativity run wild鈥 literally! This kit lets little ones recreate their favorite zoo animal or come up with critters that only they鈥檝e encountered.

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