UPDATE: By popular demand, Braided Statement Necklace Kits ($15) are now available in the Brit + Co. shop!

You probably already know that we love our statement jewelry. From last week’s Tiered Ombre Necklace to our Super Simple Wrap Bracelets, we love figuring out easy ways to DIY current trends. For today’s chunky piece of neckwear, we decided to braid everything but the kitchen sink. This tutorial is easy, and a great way to use all those extra necklaces, chain, shoelaces, and ribbon you’ve got lying around the craft room.

We’ve seen a lot of similar necklaces online ranging from $50 to $250. We made ours for just about $10!


– chain

– shoelaces

– ribbon

– string

– wire

– super glue

– jewelry clasp

For our metal materials, we used 6 different types of chain: silver ball chain, hardware store chain, and two chains from old necklaces.

For fabric-ish materials, we used two shoelaces, two pieces of lacy trim, plain old white string, and ribbon.

We used one chain as the main necklace chain. This should be about twice the length of everything else, and the braid will be centered on this chain.

Lay everything out and separate things into three groups of four. Attach each grouping using wire. Then attach to the main chain.

Tape down and braid!

Use wire to bind the bottom together. Trim off excess (but leave the main chain – you need that!).

Now we’ll use another shoelace to make it look pretty! Glue the shoelace to one side of the end of your braid. Press down firmly. Wrap around the end of the braid, gluing every so often, until you can only see the main chain. Glue the end into the middle of your looped shoelace and you’re done!

Repeat on the other side.

Then add a clasp.


You’ve got an awesome chunky statement necklace perfect for any occasion.

What other materials might you braid together to create a totally unique piece of jewelry? Send us your ideas via the comments below or over on Twitter.