Fact: Laying in sunshine does a body good (with some good SPF, of course). There’s just something about swinging beneath the trees and sun rays that will undoubtedly put a smile on anyone’s face. Last year, we made this epic hammock chair, so this season we decided to make one for horizontal basking, perfect for a lazy afternoon (preferably with a summer read and a cool, crisp adult capri sun). This DIY summertime hammock is actually quite simple, so scroll on and see how we made it!



— 5 yards of sturdy cotton fabric (we wanted our hammock to be double sided with two prints so we got 2 1/2 yards of each)

— 5+ yards of paracord (depending on how much slack you would like your hammock to have)

— thread


— sewing pins

— fabric scissors

— measuring tape

— sewing machine




Layer your fabrics on top of each other with the printed sides facing in. Pin together and sew both sides (lengthwise) to create a hemline. Flip the fabric inside out through one of the openings on the end so that the printed sides now face out. This hammock will end up being about seven feet long.


On one of the short ends, fold over your fabric and measure three and a half inches.


Pin the fold down and sew two inches from the fold crease.


Sew over this line A LOT. We ran this through the sewing machine at least eight times with different stitches to really lock it down. Don’t want anyone falling out due to poor stitching. Sew another line half an inch from the other side of the fold to seal the folded flap. Repeat on the other side.


Gather six strands of paracord and cut all pieces to eight feet. String through the folded flap you just sewed.


Bunch your hammock fabric and tie both ends of your paracord into a sturdy knot.




Like this rad shirt? It’s from the Parks Project Co, a company that makes quality goods with the purpose to fund projects that restore our national parks. How awesome is that?


The easiest way to hang up your hammock is to take two large carabiners and hook them to a post. Or you can wrap paracord around the trunk of a tree, knot and hook the carabiner to the hammock.


This DIY summer hat is perfect hammock wear.


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DIY Production + Styling: Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre