We’ve seen and shared our fair share of cute pregnancy announcements and funny pregnancy pictures, but the latest set celebrating the oh-so Like-able bun in the oven is easily the most unique we’ve ever clicked across. That’s because it’s some guy pretending to be pregnant.

Okay, not just some guy — a father-to-be that took to the web to share his own announcement, that he would be taking the place of his wife for the couple’s pregnancy photoshoot. The man (now known to the Internet as Reddit user DruishPrincess69) posted these photos with the simple explanation: “My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…”

The results are this.

And this.

And don’t forget the Taylor Swift heart hands over the belly.

And this more… hmm… how do we say? “Intimate” shot. ??

Yes, these are insane. Would they be any less so if you subbed in a beautiful, pregnant woman, basking in her baby bump glow, smiling shyly at the camera with the knowing look of a soon-to-be mother? Um… YES. But it does kind of make you think for a moment and hail the modern evolution of maternity where both partners are a part of the picture (literally and in photo albums).

Guy Posing in Place of His Pregnant Wife, we salute your creativity and hope more men follow suit, but we think we’ve seen all we need to see for today.

Did you have a pregnancy photoshoot? Was it all you or was your partner involved? What do you thin of DruishPrincess’s pics — inspiring, creepy, hilarious or some combo of the above? Share your thoughts (and your funny prego pix!) with us below!

(h/t DruishPrincess69 on Reddit)