We have featured some genius ideas for how to announce your pregnancy right here on Brit.co: There’s the ol’ can o’ Prego prop, the balloon backdrop c/o of our own founder Brit and even an original song to sing the good news. But what if you just happened to bump into your favorite celebrity the same day you were about to unveil your own bump on Facebook?

Welp, it might not have happened and might not ever happen to you and your boo, but it did occur with this expecting mom and dad-to-be this week. Paul Rudd was magically on hand to take this amazing + hilarious picture — amazing, because it’s the ageless, hunky, adorable Paul Rudd + hilarious because he was in the movie Knocked Up. So… get it? Well, played, Paul/couple. He did have his finger over the arrow, but we’ll let it slide. Anything for our Josh.

Although adorbs, Paul and these cuties did not invent the celebrity social media pregnancy announcement — Will Smith helped Emily share the news with her Instagram followers back in May. Though, from the pastries we spy in the background, it looks like Will and Emily could have covered all of their bases and gone for a “bun in the oven” pun, too. Next time!

What celeb would you want to help you tell friends and family about your baby on-the-way? What is the most creative, inventive, share-worthy pregnancy announcement you’ve seen? Share it with us below!