Dads are the greatest. Their endless love, crazy antics and ability to Tetris-stack the entire household into a minivan for summer vacations have always kept them so near and dear to our hearts. These days, one in five dads are the primary caregivers in the household, so it’s pretty likely you know (or are even married to) a stay-at-home dad. And, as you may know, these dudes take on some major responsibilities. Check out these 12 essentials that let stay-at-home dads do it all, from cookin’ in the kitchen to keeping track of the kids, in serious style.

1. Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon ($90): It’s the wagon he grew up riding in, and now nothing would make him happier than hauling his own kids around in it. Whether trekking to the beach or just taking a leisurely neighborhood stroll, it’s the perfect pick.

2. Lightbox ($149): This wearable camera lets Dad do his thing without his other half missing a minute of it. The camera is tiny, waterproof and ready to capture and send every grin, burp and hiccup.

3. Extendable Baby Bunting Bag ($189): Dads appreciate resourcefulness, so they’ll love this incredible half-blanket, half-onesie. It magically fits little ones from infancy to preschool age, adapts to any stroller or car seat and converts into a blanket. It’s something they’ll use all the time in a ton of different situations.

4. Backpack Depot Diaper Bag ($120): We love a trendy bag as much as the next girl, but this incredible backpack is the stuff dads’ dreams are made of. A ventilated pouch for pacifiers, a diaper station with a built-in changing pad and a waterproof sack for wet clothes or food are just a few of its stellar features. Bonus: It comes in many manly colors.

5. Kennedy Rocking Chair ($949): Every stay-at-home dad needs a rocker in which he can put the babes to sleep without feeling like a grandma. This mid-century rocker should do the trick with its modern frame and smart, textured upholstery.

6. NatureBox ($200 for 12 months): Parenting is hard work, but busy dads can cross shopping for snacks off their list with this snack subscription service. Healthy treats are delivered each month to keep the entire family satisfied.

7. BOB Ironman Stroller ($336): Dad needs to stay in shape in addition to keepin’ the house in check, and this jogging stroller is begging him to hit the trail. It’s guaranteed to keep kids safe and parents on their game.

8. Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions ($18): Kid music can be the pits, but rad dads love these lullaby renditions of songs made famous by artists like Bob Marley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Jay Z.

9. On-the-Go Feeding Spoon ($5): The best dads are ready for anything. A portable spoon will make sure he’s prepared for meal time whenever he leaves the house, whether on a quick walk or cross-country road trip.

10. Swiss Army Knife ($22): A classic tool with endless uses, every dad needs this knife. Whether he uses the can opener for baby food or the corkscrew to break into his favorite bottle is totally up to him.

11. Tavo High Chair ($345): As long as he’s serving the meals, Dad deserves a handsome way to do it. This high chair’s combination of leather and wood fits with the classic look in most kitchens.

12. World’s Best Dad Mug ($20): Let’s face it, all he really wants is to know that he’s doing a great job. Bonus points for making him some cookies to go with that freshly brewed coffee.

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