Mandy Moore has had an amazing year starring as Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us. Not only did she make us ugly-cry all over ourselves every week, but it seems like the show’s many flashbacks had an impact on her IRL, too — namely, on her amazingly #TBT filled Instagram feed.

“There was a flood at my parents house and it forced them to go through everything and figure out what to keep and what to toss,” she wrote in a caption recently, explaining her recent nostalgia obsession. “It also meant that I inherited a TON of old photos from my childhood (so be prepared for more tbts and fbfs).” Um, we don’t mind, girl.

Moore remembers her trip to Disney World fondly with this snap, but more than that, she remembers the Sesame Street top she’s wearing, saying that she wish she’d kept it.

Remember when Moore started out as a singer?! Talk about a TBT! “Candy” was her first single, and she took time out of her tour with N*SYNC in the summer of 1999 to pose with this promotional minivan that had her mug on it. Wouldn’t you?!

“Red carpet ready.” LOL! In this throwback, Moore ponders why her mom let her dye and perm her hair at only 10 years old. Please also note the Christmas-appropriate colors on those braces. Dying.

The Mullet Moore years.

“Me and the first Milo in my life,” Moore captioned this pic of her childhood cat named after the movie Milo and Otis — not This Is Us costar Milo Ventimiglia, sadly.

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Not a whole lot has changed. #fbf

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Moore says that “not much has changed” since these days of her messy lipstick, jelly shoes and diaper look. Recent red carpet looks disagree.

Moore often credits her grandmother, who was a professional ballet dancer in London, as an early influence on her love of the stage. Here she is in her dancing years, where she claims she choreographed La La Land.

Here we see another iteration of what Moore calls her “micro bangs,” a look she blames on her mom. “The early 90s were not my friend,” she writes. You’re not alone on that one, girl.

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#tbt to simpler times and shorter hemlines.

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Here we see young “Amanda” in her full middle-child-at-Christmas glory. Adorbs!

This red carpet pic from 2000 really shows that besides a major hair-color change (thanks to A Walk to Remember, no less!) — and, okay, some style upgrades — Moore has hardly changed a bit. Keep the TBTs coming!

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(Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez, George DeSota/Getty)