Design collaborations are our bread and butter, especially when forward-thinking fashion designers team up with brands to take their wares from nice-to-haves to need-to-haves. Such is the case with Marc Jacobs for Urbanears. We’ve always loved the Swedish headphones brand for crafting big-but-not-too-big, perfectly padded, boldly colored cans and glassy earbuds that feel more like extensions of our wardrobe than bulky tech. But slap on Jacobs’ breed of cutting-edge cool and now we’re thinking our current plug-ins could use an immediate upgrade.

The team up turned out an exclusive six-piece collection of new colors and textures on two of Urbanears’ sleekest and most tech-savvy offerings. Jacobs’ take on the slim Humlan headphones boasts a subtle yet striking two-tone color scheme in black oil, ocean blue and berry red, each of which are punctuated with metallic finishings. Besides the usual bells and whistles, this model is built with an instant music sharing feature, not to mention a washable headband and ear cushions. But fashion babes who don’t want to give their earcuffs any competition can opt for the in-ear Kransen Plus buds, which feature tangle-free cords. That alone is enough to have us tossing our white plastic set to the curb, but if we have to be real, it’s that iridescent oil slick finish that’s forcing our hands. Shop both the headphones ($60) and earbuds ($45) at and at Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers worldwide and online.

Are you gaga for this latest fashion x tech collab? Tell us which designer you’d like to see riff on headphones in the comments below.