No Mardi Gras party is complete without a signature cocktail or two. With so many classic cocktails with origins in the Big Easy, it’s easy to bring a taste of the city’s weeks-long celebration into your home. Beyond the basics though, we’re bringing you a selection of 18 creative cocktails and Jello shots that will certainly get folks in the festive spirit. Get mixing, and let the good times roll.

Rum Orange Swizzle

1. Rum Orange Swizzle: Make this not-too-sweet, citrusy swizzle with Old New Orleans Rum for an even better, truly local experience. (via Jelly Toast)

Conti + Royal Cocktail

2. Conti + Royal Cocktail: Peychaud’s Bitters — a New Orleans original — features heavily in this rye and spicy orange shrub creation. (via Pickled Capers)

Mardi Gras Jello Shots

3. Mardi Gras Jello Shots: Using the spent lemon and lime rinds as shot glasses is pure genius. You and your guests will love having an assortment of fruit blends to choose from in the traditional holiday color scheme. (via Brit + Co)

King's Cup

4. King’s Cup: Beware. This pineapple, coconut, vanilla vodka and Champagne cocktail goes down very easily. (via Baked Bree)

The Vieux Carré

5. The Vieux Carré: Shake this drink up when you’re in the mood for an old-yet-new twist on the Manhattan. (via Tempered Spirits)

Ramos Gin Fizz Jelly Shots

6. Ramos Gin Fizz Jelly Shots: Using whipped cream in place of the usual egg white is a terrific way to create an opaque gin layer that everyone will love. (via Chow)


7. Cajun Bloody Mary: You may want to save this tipple for the morning after Mardi Gras. Hair of the dog, anyone? (via SheKnows)


8. Roffignac: A lesser-known drink celebrating one of the city’s mayors, this cocktail pairs a ton of berry tang with smooth cognac upon each swig. (via Saveur)

Hurricane Cocktail Jello Shots

9. Hurricane Cocktail Jello Shots: Made with a mix of passion fruit and lime juices along with two types of rum, this vibrant Jello packs flavor that you won’t ever find in a box. (via Tasting Table)


10. Sazerac: Whiskey, herbal bitters and anise liqueur combine to make this Crescent City classic. (via Martha Stewart)

Bourbon and Honey Milk Punch

11. Bourbon and Honey Milk Punch: Many milk punches need to be aged for weeks, meaning you need to plan way ahead of the party. But not this one; it’ll be ready in just minutes once the vanilla honey syrup cools down. (via Bourbon and Honey)

King Cake Jelly Shots

12. King Cake Jelly Shots: If you love lemon meringue pie and sprinkles, then this festive shot deserves an invite to your shindig. (via Tablespoon)


13. Hurricane: You don’t need any specialty glassware to shake up a mean hurricane. Spiced rum makes this one even stormier than most. (via

The French 75

14. The French 75: Top off gin and orange liqueur with a splash of sparkling wine to create this elegantly effervescent sip that goes down oh-so easy. (via Food52)

Sazerac Jelly Shots

15. Sazerac Jelly Shots: It may not seem like much, but it’s the brush of bitters, absinthe, lemon zest and sugar on top that makes this jelly really jiggle. (via Chow)

Absinthe Suissesse

16. Absinthe Suissesse: When you go out to brunch in New Orleans, you’re likely to find this on the menu alongside the usual Bloody Mary. (via Pernod Absinthe)

Mardi Gras Smoothie

17. Mardi Gras Smoothie: Let’s just say this isn’t your morning or post-workout smoothie… (via Living Well Kitchen)

The Signature Baudin

18. The Signature Baudin: Between the honey and lemon, this almost sounds like a cure for the common cold. But the bourbon, well, that has happy hour written all over it. (via Basil Hayden’s)

What will you whet your whistle with on Fat Tuesday? Share your favorite cocktails with us in the comments!