It’s Mardi Gras time again, and you know what that means. It’s time to party with your crew in the name of purple, green, and yellow beads and festive shot glasses. If you’re throwing a Mardi Gras party, now’s the time to look into Mardi Gras recipes (beignet recipes are a FANTASTIC choice) and other party planning essentials. The top item on the list? Cocktails, of course! Here are 16 of our favorite purple, yellow, and green-hued drinks to round off your celebration.


1. Summer Garden Gin Fizz: We think this pretty cocktail is the PERFECT drink to serve at your Mardi Gras party. The colors are totally on-point: Basil leaves give the drink a subtle green shade, while lemon wedges and lavender sprigs round up the festive color palette. (via Port and Fin)


2. Verdant Lady: This chartreuse, gin, and mint cocktail is elegant enough to look totally dapper for Mardis Gras, yet strong enough to keep your party joyfully unrefined. Be warned: A teaspoon of chartreuse is all this recipe calls for, but trust us — it will be plenty. (via The Bojon Gourmet)


3. Meyer Lemonade With Rosemary Vodka: This delightful spiked lemonade checks off two out of three of your Mardi Gras colors. It’s made with Meyer lemons, simple syrup, sparkling water, vodka, and rosemary for a boozy and refreshing effect. (via Food Fashion and Fun)

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4. Blueberry Basil Moscow Mules: Moscow mules are kinda having a moment right now, and we’re not sad about it. Made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, they’re both plenty strong yet pleasantly light in terms of taste. This version throws blueberries, basil, and maple syrup into the mix. (via Marla Meridith)


5. Apple and Pear Green Sangria: Sangria is the *ultimate* party drink, so why not make it with green fruits to get in the spirit of Mardi Gras? Green apples and pears comprise the fruit portion of this sweet sangria, with white grape juice thrown in for good measure. (via Cooks With Cocktails)


6. Limoncello Cocktail: If there are any lemon lovers in your group, they’re going to LOVE this refreshing cocktail. Pro tip: To make the lemon curl, all you need is a standard peeler and a skewer. Just remove a 3/4 inch of lemon peel and wrap it around the skewer, and set aside to allow the shape to form. (via A Communal Table)


7. Blueberry Purple Rain Martini: Blueberries give this martini a deep shade of purple, while lime spirals add a little green into the mix. Pro tip: Look for blueberry vodka if you can find it — it will make this drink all the more blueberry-like. However, if you prefer a more classic martini (or simply can’t find blueberry vodka), good old-fashioned vodka will work just fine. (via Yummy Tummies)

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8. The Joker Gone Wild: This green-and-purple cocktail may be inspired by a super-villain, but it’s the stuff of Mardi Gras DREAMS. The rim is lined with sugar that’s been dyed purple with food coloring (um, *genius*), while the drink itself is made with Midori sour, rum, vodka, and simple syrup. (via All Mommy Wants)


9. Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys: Fat Tuesday calls for upping your bacon consumption, right? We can’t think of a better way to pack it in than with these delicious bloody Marys. Kick off your Mardi Gras with a bang by serving these at a boozy brunch with your besties. (via Heather Christo)


10. Fleur Collins Cocktail: Elegant and *super* pretty, this Tom Collins-inspired drink boasts a smooth, feminine flavor while still managing to be quite a doozy in terms of strength. It’s made with elderflower and violet liqueur, so it’s definitely a sophisticated choice for your Mardi Gras party. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)


11. Pineapple Margaritas: Making color-coordinated cocktails for your Mardi Gras bash doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple pineapple margarita will totally do the trick. This recipe is sure to be a major crowd-pleaser too… who doesn’t love the sweet yet natural taste of fresh pineapple? (via Miss in the Kitchen)


12. Mardi Gras Smoothies: Speaking of crowd-pleasing drinks, smoothies are an easy choice when it comes to selecting something everyone will love. And these festively hued smoothies are no exception. Bonus points for finding some Mardi Gras-themed straws to accompany these colorful concoctions. (via Living Well Kitchen)


13. Spicy Matcha Margaritas: For a less traditional take on the classic margarita, don’t be afraid to spice things up. These tasty ‘ritas are made with matcha green tea, tequila, fresh jalapeños, and honey simple syrup for a truly unique flavor profile. (via Wicked Spatula)


14. Pomegranate Sex on the Beach: Pomegranate is the PERFECT flavor for a sweet cocktail like Sex on the Beach. This concoction is made with equal parts pineapple and pomegranate juice, so it’s ideal for anyone with a semi sweet tooth. (via Kelly Oshiro)


15. Lemon Drop Martini: This classic yellow-toned cocktail can be adjusted to your desired level of sweetness. If you’re a lover of all things sugary, be sure to line the rim with granulated sugar for *ultimate* flavor. (via Homemade Hooplah)


16. Blueberry-Pineapple Champagne Sparklers: This uber-pretty cocktail gets its gorgeous shade of purple from blueberries, but it owes half of its flavor profile to pineapple. Although you can absolutely spring for Champagne, any dry sparkling wine will do the trick. (via Tasty Trials)

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