Clearly, our love for Mason Jars doesn’t stop with food. We’re taking a break from putting cheesecake and slushies in a jar and instead, thinking of wonderful ways to use these Pinterest darlings as gifts. Here are a few that caught our eye.

1. Snow Globe in a Jar: A magical way to use mason jars. Nothing like gifting the beauty of the holidays. (via Julie Ann Art)

2. Sewing Kit in a Jar: Everyone — even if they don’t know it — needs a sewing kit to fix up those loose buttons. But who wants to get a sewing kit as a present? Putting it into a cleverly designed jar definitely puts the “fun” in functional gift. (via Funky Time)

3. Time Capsule: It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Put all of your favorite memories (ticket stubs, photos, etc) in a jar and gift away! (via Kelli Crowe)

4. Pet in a Jar: The cuteness of having a pet without the responsibility. And… ’cause it’s just so darn cute! (via SquawkFox)

5. Memory Jar: A nostalgic way to gift memories, especially for your travel buddy. We’d be tempted to make two, one for us, and one for our fellow traveler. (via Fiskars Craft)

6. Pickling Kit in a Jar: Nothing like giving the gift of pickling for the holidays. Note, this is for a very specific audience ;) (via Design Sponge)

7. Housewarming Kit in a Jar: Not only is this practical and cute, it’s also extremely adaptable for multiple occasions. (via Julie Blanner)

8. Energy in a Jar: No, it’s not Red Bull in a Jar, but this jam-packed jar is perfect for the athlete on your list. Fill it with his or her favorite energy bars and electrolyte gummies. We don’t really get why there are chocolate truffles in there, but we’d appreciate receiving those as well :) (via Healthy Coconut)

9. Glowing Firefly Jar: If you enjoyed our LED balloons, you’ll definitely love these beautiful glowing firefly jars. A fun gift for both kids and adults! (via From Panka with Love)

10. Sugar Scrub Jar: Know someone that is in dire need of pampering? Make ’em a sugar scrub jar. Be warned: it smells so delicious that you might be tempted to eat it before you use it! (via A Dance for 5)

What kind of non-edible gifts have you made in a jar? Let us in know in the comments below, or share photos over on Twitter or Facebook.