Thanks to the KonMari method and Scandinavian interiors, minimalism has been all the rage, but it’s a new year and maximalism might just be taking over the decor world one bold and layered space at a time. There’s something fresh and exciting about mixed patterns, styled #shelfies brimming with interesting decor and layered textures. “Healthy clutter” is the newest trend that believes your belongings should be honored, not thrown away, and that curated collections are more likely to stimulate creativity than a severely pared down space. If you’re not sure how to display your belongings, here are 17 rooms that rock the layered look without looking too cluttered.


1. Layered Boho Textures: Those bohemians know what’s up when it comes to displaying eclectic treasures. Think: lots of throw pillows, exotic textiles and pieces that look like they’ve been collected on trips to far-away places. (via The Jungalow)


2. Lucite Coffee Table: You probably don’t collect balloons (and if you do, that’s totally cool), but a lucite coffee table can be a chic way to store things while still showing them off. Looks like your disco ball collection just found a new home. (via Oh Happy Day)


3. Greenery Galore: Your living room is where you make memories, chill with your squad and veg out with Netflix and your cat. Since you spend a lot of time here, make room for all the objects you love and combine your collections with stylish storage options and plenty of plants. (via Style by Emily Henderson)


4. Dreamy Library: If you have a hard time getting rid of clutter, minimalism might not be the right thing for your style. Everything you own is linked to personal memories, so put down the garbage bag and show those trinkets off loud and proud. (via The Design Files)


5. Neutral Textures: Just because you don’t want a minimalist look doesn’t mean you have to add every color in the rainbow. Maximalists can still rock a neutral color palette — just amp up the texture aspect with faux fur, rattan light fixtures and jute throw rugs. (via Adore)


6. Crafty Haven: Let’s be honest: You can’t really have a minimalist craft room. You need shelves for spray paint, baskets for yarn and maybe a massive pegboard to keep everything organized. Get inspired by this dreamy craft room and use a mix of hooks, shelves and baskets to get those bits and bobs off your table and stored within reach. (via Oh Happy Day)


7. Relaxed Boho Style: There’s one sure way to capture that free-spirited appeal: lots and lots of pattern. This can mean printed throw pillows, layered rugs in different colors and tribal references. There’s tons of charm in mixed prints, especially when you pick patterns in the same monochromatic tones. (via Adore)


8. Creative Collections: Find a creative way to show off your fave collections, whether it’s in an unused fireplace or a vintage piece of furniture. Everyone’s invited to this colorful display of eclectic artwork you snagged at your local charity store and on your travels. (via My Domaine)


9. Curated #Shelfie: Unless you love that sparse, industrial look, every room needs a dose of texture… even the minimalist ones. Work on creating a curated space for maximum drama with geometric shapes, raw wood sculptures and lots of mini planters. (via The Jungalow)


10. Storage for Days: The blue plaid floor and light wood cabinets are the perfect touch to this edgy colorful office space. Take advantage of the space on top of the cabinets for a cheeky art display to save room on the walls for your IRL Pinterest inspo boards. (via Style by Emily Henderson)


11. Cute Reading: Instead of stacking up all your books boring-like, add a little creativity with a variety of house plants, art sculpture and catch-all bowls for smaller accessories. To play up the modern aesthetic, consider a white bookcase with simple features like these wood shelves. (via Oh Happy Day)


12. Southwestern Neutrals: This living room is proof you can never have too many house plants. Or throw pillows. An eye-catching collection of mini potted plants and mixed patterns are the perfect complement to a warm-toned, Southwestern-themed living room. (via New Darlings)


13. Poppin’ Pink Accents: Experts will tell you a very stylish room only needs three things: books, texture and artwork. Minimal rooms sans layers are boring, but art adds tons of personality to a room that you can never get from an empty bookcase. Don’t limit yourself to framed art: Try weavings, baskets and pom-poms for an extra pop of color. (via The Jungalow)


14. Pretty Nightstand Styling: Whether your bedside table is stacked with the latest reads or fashion mags, this tiny little zone can say a lot about who you are. True, you could pare it down to nothing but a lamp, but add a few good reads, some scented candles, fresh plants and framed photos or prints, and before you know it, you’ll be lounging in maximalist style. (via Style by Emily Henderson)


15. Chic Built-in Bar: There’s an art to perfecting that effortless layered look, especially when it comes to curating the perf home bar. If you have a wide variety of colored glassware, try grouping them together to create a cohesive feel. (via A Beautiful Mess)


16. Cozy Plaid Reading Nook: Layering is essential to creating an interesting room, but maximalism takes the textures, colors and scales to a whole new level. Just like this reading nook with its larger-than-life hanging chair, super fluffy fur blanket and basket of extra throws set off by a pile of books and a couple of house plants. (via Oh Happy Day)


17. Indoor Jungle: The maximalist theme is perfect for hoarders — er, collectors. Whether you can’t walk past a succulent without buying it or you live for unique trinkets, this look was made for you. Let your collector’s flag fly and put all your fave collections on display with hanging shelves and walls of storage. (via The Jungalow)

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