Whether you’re a hardcore Redditor or you just occasionally glance at “the front page of the Internet” there is one segment you should definitely be following on the site: the AMA (ask me anything) series. Reddit has had everyone from President Obama to Bill Nye the Science Guy answer questions from the public and as you might be able to guess, things can get pretty interesting.

One AMA participant that caught our attention was actress and new mom Mila Kunis. She chatted with participants about things like what college course she would teach, what Ashton Kutcher smells like and she even shared her guilty pleasure (The Bachelor). But the response that caught our attention most was what she had to say after someone asked her, “How has becoming a mother changed you the most?”

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In response to that question, Mila wrote, “I am proud to be a stay-at-home mom. I have no desire to be in front of the camera. I find her to be the most challenging job I’ve had. The amount of love that you have, the type of love that you have, changes, the way you look at the world changes… everything has changed, because of her. I want an eco-friendly car, I want to compost everything, because I want the world to be better for her. And you have the opportunity to make a really great child for the world. Or a really great human being.” Awww. Excuse us while we do our best to take care of that baby fever we just came down with.

(Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)