The Queen of Pop Culture, one Ms. Miley Cyrus, is shaping up to have an insane 2016. She鈥檚 already signed on to be in Woody Allen鈥檚 upcoming untitled show for Amazon, and rumor has it that she and Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth are back on (case in point: the return of her engagement ring).

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However, the hashtag #keyadviser had the Internet all a-twitter this week when Miley tweeted that she鈥檇 be just that on season 10 of The Voice. Not to worry 鈥 none of the judges are going anywhere (and Xtina is back!) 鈥 but she鈥檒l act as #girlsquad ruler Taylor Swift did, offering her expertise to all four teams. Miley celebrated the occasion by putting her infamous tongue on Christina Aguilera鈥檚 button, tweeting out the very-Miley caption, 鈥淟ickin @xtina鈥檚 buttonz!鈥

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NBC executives are apparently very pleased with the decision, saying that she鈥檚 got killer musical instincts and can impart some wisdom on this season鈥檚 contestants. Can Miley keep her act clean? Tune in Monday nights starting February 28 to find out. Either way, we鈥檙e glad to have a little more smiley Miley.

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(Feature image via @NBCtheVoice)