One of the biggest bummers for breastfeeding #girlbosses? Traveling! Do you go the ol’ pump and dump route? Lug a suitcase stuffed with frozen milk through airport security? Thankfully, new overnight shipping service Milk Stork may have a better solution. The new company will get breast milk from your hotel room to your home in 24 hours. Genius!


Here’s how it all works: Pump out a full day’s supply and refrigerate. Next, you’ll load up the Milk Stork-provided pack with up to 34 oz of refrigerated breast milk and seal it up. Drop off and confirm USPS pickup and relax knowing it will reach your babe the next day. The whole service comes out to $99 per day, so you might want to see if your company will cover the costs.

Since Milk Stork uses USPS, that does mean that you can’t ship on Sunday. Also, the service isn’t yet available for moms in Hawaii or Alaska. It’s not a year of unlimited maternal and paternal leave (hey, Netflix), but the idea behind this working, traveling mom’s new BFF is a good one, hopefully paving the way for more companies to provide innovative options for women in the workplace and beyond.

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