Ever since the maker movement started booming we began to see a shift in consumer habits. It seemed as though young people were less interested in those corporate giants (often with questionable working standards) and more intrigued by smaller companies with bigger personalities and mission statements to match. Think: shopping for a white tee at Everlane rather than Target. But apparently all that has been an elaborate facade – at least according to InfoScout. The data company has recently released a survey in which it labeled Walmart as the place where millennials like to shop most. Yes, really.


While this new info doesn’t necessarily mesh with the vibe of the new Yuccie demographic (that’s a real thing, we promise), Walmart’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Quinn makes a notable point. He told AdAge, “As millennials become time-crunched with relationships and kids coming along, it’s opening up a strong need for them to have a one-stop shop.”

If you’ve worked a long day and you still need to get groceries, pick up some deodorant and get your oil changed, Walmart can handle all of that for you in one go. It’s true that shopping at a Super Target can offer a similar level of efficiency, but Walmart typically offers a lower price point. On this Quinn adds, “The millennial customer grew up with a lot of hardship. They see Walmart as a place where they can save money.”

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If you’re all about the fashion departments when you hit up these types of stores, Target has probably become your go-to. But Walmart should definitely be noted as one to watch in that arena as well. They aren’t quite up to par with Target’s constant influx of designer collaborations but they’re getting there. Drew Barrymore’s stunning brand of eyewear is sold exclusively at Walmart and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Jordache Jeans collaboration can also be found at the retail giant. Maybe Wally World isn’t so bad after all.

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(Photos via Mike Mozart and AdAge)