Ever wonder what it’d be like if parts of your life were set to a soundtrack? Now you can find out with Mindie, a free video sharing app for iOs that lets you turn what you capture into looping music videos.

While capturing our life in motion is nothing new (we’ve been doing it for awhile now with Vine and Instagram), what’s cool about Mindie is that it all starts with picking the perfect song. After you’ve created a profile in its gorgeous sunset-colored interface, you can search Mindie for the tune you want or choose from a list of the its top songs, which mostly includes jams from current chart toppers like Lorde and Pitbull. Once that’s selected, Mindie fetches the song in the form of a seven second clip, and then you’re ready to shoot a video of that same length.

A major downside: most songs don’t sound great chopped to that short of a time, especially since you don’t get to pick which seven seconds to include. After scrolling through some user videos, it seems like beat-heavy tracks like rap or dance music make the most polished results. Even though the backing tracks can be a bit hit or miss, Mindie’s attempt to buff out the micro video realm with music is certainly applaudable, and definitely worth a try.

Would you use Mindie to amp up your videos? Talk to us in the comments below.